Body worn spy camaera and hidden cctv

Body worn spy camaera and hidden cctv

Hidden CCTV and secret body worn spy cameras with night vision.

Below are a few hidden camera and covert recording recording products, some cameras can be body worn ideal for instant recording at the touch of a button.
Recording secret footage of any incident can help convince others by showing them exactly what happened, in a serious situation filming can be the different between others believing you or not. So many incidents fail to get a response due to lack of evidence.

Carrying a secret camera is helpfully regardless of whether you have the real possibility of a threat.
People every day experience incidents from road rage to more serious scenarios, if you need to protect yourself you might want to capture exactly what happened on video? Usually during any altercation you will not be able to hold up your smart phone to record the action, a simple one touch of our spy camera watch will instantly start recording the video and sounds and store the footage for play back on any computer.
Other units might be best used in a meeting or similar scenario where secret recording is required.

Our low cost body worn spy cam products work very well indeed not like some products found on the internet, most of the products come with high resolution imaging and night vision, others are waterproof to a few meters ideal for working in the field.
There are many products on the market that offer so many functions but in practise many fall short on performance. All the products we list have been tested and work very well in comparison to many items we have examined in the past.


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  1. Spy wristwatch for men with high definition waterproof camera audio and night vision

    The Men’s Spy watch designed a high definition camera is robust in quality and audio comes with night vision for covert body worn filming its also waterproof and comes in a strong design wristwatch for men Learn More
    £94.50 Price:
  2. Women’s wristwatch spy camera waterproof with audio & night vision in a lovely ladies watch

    ladies design wristwatch with secret spy camera and microphone comes with night vision, the watch is also waterproof. Learn More
    £94.50 Price:
  3. button pin whole camera video recorder best buy for mystery shoppers

    This button has a secret pin whole camera in the centre of the button with built in video recorder.
    Uses a simple Micro SD card fitted in the side to record all the video and audio directly onto the SD card.

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    £29.95 Price:
  4. Covert spy camera hidden in a USB dongle for all computers and laptops

    Covert spy camera hidden in a USB dongle, record all the action in clear video and audio.
    Simple operation will insure the device records all the action.
    Disguised as a standard USB dongle it is very hard to spot and perfect for proof recording.
    This little spy camera will record and save all the action with audio to its built in memory, it will work with any computer or USB power source.
    Simple play back on any PC plug and play.

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    £39.95 Price:
  5. Covert car key spy camera and voice recorder sound activated

    This covert car key spy camera and voice recorder has an activation trigger once sound is picked up Learn More
    £49.95 Price:
  6. Spy camera on a keyring with high definition and audio

    This spy camera is tiny and is attached to your keyring comes with high definition audio and video ideal for any secret recording application. Learn More
    £29.95 Price:
  7. Lawmate PV-900 HD mobile phone spy camera

    Lawmate PV-900 HD mobile phone spy camera will record HD video and audio to the internal SD card for playback later on any computer or smartphone very hard to spot hidden spy camera. Learn More
    £239.00 Price:
  8. Button pin whole spy camera connects to your smart phone

    Button spy camera for your smart phone this Button camera is for body worn covert filming, it plugs into your Android smart phone power port and records to your device. Learn More
    £123.95 Price:
  9. Secret camera hidden in a wood scew head connects to your smart phone.

    Covert scew head spy camera.
    This spy camera is excellent for beginners and professionals ideal for body worn or hidden covert filming, plugs into any Android smart phones power port.

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    £123.95 Price:

9 Item(s)

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