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Spy girl the ultimate hidden handbag video recorder.

The spy camera handbag is ideal for all covert video recording. The camera is covertly hidden into the handbag & the microphone is very sensitive to ensure you capture clear audio during conversations. The handbag compliments the user with a basic design, not to draw the eye, it’s small & compact, so it is ideal for comfort during use.

The spy camera handbag is unique in a few different ways. The high defination camera streams live video & audio over Wi-Fi at good resolution 1920x1080P. The video stream is good for a covert camera & the audio microphone is clear.

spy cam handbag

Ultimate honey trap spy camera handbag.

Our spy camera video recorder benefits from live streaming over wifi so a team member can monitor the situation. Ideal for security as all monitoring listen & view in real time. Evidence is sent over wifi so the proof recording is stored away from the handbag.

Camera handbag with Wi-Fi.

The spy camera handbag is unique in a few different ways. The high defination camera streams live video & audio over wifi, during use. This ensures that the video & audio footage is captured & stored away from the handbag user. Typically a target can become aware of a hidden recorder & snatch the device to confiscate the evidence. Our spy camera handbag eliminates this scenario as the captured film is streamed live to the app on a nearby phone, thus the video is already sent & cannot be confiscated by the mark.

Handbag power & storage.

Our spy camera handbag offers the user long term recording & power support. The bag has a built-in 2000mAh lithium battery offering up to 5-6 hours recording time. Memory storage is defined by the size of the memory card you use, the handbag storage system supports SD cards up to 128Mb.

Wi-Fi spy handbag application is free.

Unlike many systems on the world market, the spy camera handbag offers a free application for Android & iPhone, so you do not have to pay a fee each month to use the system. The application provides the support for the wifi streaming function of the bag, it is easy to use & set up.  All you need to do is scan the QR code on the camera with your phone, & the app will load the handbag camera. You then control all aspects of the camera’s behaviour through the application on your phone.

Important to note you do not have to use the wifi system to use the camera, the handbag camera has an SD card inside it that stores the recorded video and audio. The card can be removed and put into any computer or phone for playback


  • Spy camera handbag.
  • 16Mb SD card included.
  • Charging lead.
  • Instructions.

Please see our covert camera clock spy camera.


Spycraft UK



Tech Specs

HD 1920x1080P Wireless hand bag WiFi IP P2P Camera.
WiFi Function: Monitoring by PC, Smartphone at anytime anywhere.
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android phone and other Computer products.
Mini Camcorders Audio Video Recorder.
Take Photo function.
The video resolution: High definition 1920x1080P.
Video format: H.264.
Video coding: MOV.
Video frame rate: 30fps.
Automatic White balance adjustment.
Image format: JPG.
Image scale: 4:3.
Photo resolution: 4032 x 3024.
Microphone: Built-in (Synchronized Recording of Audio and Video Signals).
Battery type: A + high capacity polymer lithium battery.
Battery capacity: Built-in 2000mAh lithium battery.
Working time: 6 hour video recording.
Charging voltage: DC-5V.
Charging time: 2-3 hours.
The interface type: mini 5-pin USB.
Memory: microSD, 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB.

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spy camera handbag


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Spy camera handbag with WI-FI live video streaming.
spy camera handbag

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