Bug detector BH-03 scan all RF plus (3G & 4G)

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Bug detector BH-03 (3G & 4G)

There is always a product that is different from the main stream in any area of expertise.
This Russian built device is highly competitive and works with in a unique way.
Its performance is very good indeed, able to detect all the relevant frequencies associated to bugging equipment including cellular bands for GSM based radio burst bugging devices and GPS tracking systems during transmission.

Bug detector BH-03 (3G & 4G)

This device is possibly the best bug detector you will buy if you do not want to spend thousands of pounds, not many systems will see 3G and 4G signals from smart phones or similar. The detector is well made and has decent performance sees below for more. The detector will see all the usual RF signals as well as WiFi and Bluetooth.

The detector has a good size LCD display and easy to understand menus for adjusting the regular properties required for analysing signals and adjusting volume etc.

  • Detects almost any spy devices: GSM, GPS, 3G, 4G, CDMA, Wi-Fi.
  • Wireless video cams and radio bgs UHF, VHF, FM, WFM as well as most RF.
  • Dynamic range — 70 dB; record! Detects bugs with very low signals and high power bugs
  • Detection range of transmitter – 5 m, detection range of cell phones — 50 m Small size:
  • weight — 110 grams, dimensions — 105х58х18,5 mm Detailed English manual included
  • Exact match of stated parameters.
  • Equally high sensitivity throughout claimed frequency range.
  • Unique! Extended dynamic range.
  • Both analogue and digital wireless "bug" detection (short pulses)!
  • Automatic adjustment of background radiation levels.
  • Extended operating temperature range.
  • Headphones connection for implicit warnings of wireless "Bugs".
  • Advanced power saving features (increased duration of work).
  • Low battery indicator automatic cut off to save energy.
  • Self-diagnosis mode

Feedback mode.
Used searching for hidden microphones (wireless "bugs"), operating in analogue mode.
This allows the wireless "bug" to capture the sound emitted by the device, and broadcast it.
The radio signal is detected and increased by the device, so the circle closes forcing the device to produce a unique alert. Feedback mode is the most accurate method of "bug" detection, it reduces search time. 

Acoustic indication.
In this mode graphic indication is complemented by acoustic indication.
The speaker emits sound to help direct to the source of detected spy devices.

This is an excellent operating mode for those who do not want to draw attention.
All sound signals are turned off, including the sound of keys strokes; in this mode you can also have the vibration option switch on allowing you to feel vibrations through the detector during an event.

Search mode.
Enabled by default, the OLED-display shows graphics of signal levels: maximum values and averaged values for 3 seconds and 45 seconds (in the form of three separate blocks of 15 seconds). Digital "bugs" can be found on the schedule of maximum values, and analogue — on schedule averaged.

Turn on "Security" mode if you need to have constant control of the situation, during negotiations for example, the device keeps scanning the space in this mode, & will alarm you if any wireless “bug” or hidden transmitting cell phone appears.

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