Solo mini tracker for tracking vehicles people and assets.

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Solo mini tracker for tracking people and vehicles.

This little tracking device is ideal for catching a cheating lover. The device is small and magnetic, so it's ideal for car tracking. The device is controlled by your phone and is simple you use and understand. Standby is 30 days plus is track mode. Or 25 days plus in vibration trigger mode.

So many cheap tracking devices fail or lock up! The Solo tracker is far superior to most tracking devices and comes with a choice of working options.

This tracker gives you a professional tracking solution with lots of features, the same as a professional tracking device. But superior standby and totally financed by you, no service fees or contract. The tracking device comes with a pre-installed Pay As You Go sim card.

There are advantages of using our Solo tracking device. You will not be tied to any kind of contract should you no longer need the tracker or lose it. 

The Solo mini tracker is ideal for tracking any car or vehicle.

The Solo mini tracker gives you all the GPS tracking features you might want from a GPS tracker, so tracking on a budget does not have to cost the world. This little tracker updates location on-demand and works autonomously to scheduled updates or triggers.

The Solo tracking device is self-contained and totally anonymous.

This tracker reports in two different ways, SMS or Data, so you have options using the device. SMS based utilizing Google maps, or data connection for location reporting to the free tracking application. Server access is free of charge, so the tracking application is included free with the device. All you pay for is the data on the sim card inside the tracker.

The Solo mini tracker is magnetic, so it's ideal for car tracking.

Car tracking is easy, the solo tracker is magnetic, attach the tracker under the car, or anywhere on the vehicle's metal body. The tracker also works inside the vehicle in specific positions. The magnet is strong and the tracking device is light making it perfect for tracking the car.

The Solo tracker offers you a choice of tracking modes.

  • Vibration trigger mode (25 days standby) active triggered locations on movement.
  • Power saving mode (30 days standby) location tracking on demand.
  • SOS mode 4 days of consecutive live tracking.

Changing between tracking modes is accomplished from your smartphone. Set the Solo tracking device into auto report mode, from your smartphone or the tracking application included.

The Solo tracker device utilizes Google maps for relaying geographical location data, so it works directly with your smartphone on a pay as you go sim card, provided.

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  • Vibration trigger mode 25 days standby with active locations.
  • Power saving mode 30 days with the location tracking on demand.
  • SOS mode 4 days live tracking.
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