Nomad GPS tracker with solar assist ideal for worldwide tracking

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Nomad GPS tracker with solar assist (SMS controlled for global reliability)

Sometimes you need to keep an eye on a delivery or a product being shipped, regardless of where it might be going to in the world.
The Nomad GPS tracker allows you to do exactly that, recently used by one of our clients to track a shipment of pallets by sea freight across the ocean, revealing the end stop location in Dubai?
This device costs a few penny’s to use and if lost won’t break the bank as it’s very in expensive to purchase.
You might say this is a long stand by tracking device, with a through away price tag that will work in most parts of the world.

Nomad GPS tracker with solar assist (Smart phone tracking device)

Some advantages of this tracking device are listed below, for its price it’s just an incredibly useful product given its simple control from any smart phone, no server support required.

  • No server fees
  • Weather and temperature resistant
  • Solar recharge assist
  • No PayPal subscription
  • No monthly costs
  • International coverage (SMS)
  • Solar Panel built in
  • Robust Design
  • Big Battery 4000 mAH
  • Extra Strong magnets
  • Standby time approx 45 days (with out sunlight)
  • SIMCOM GSM module (4 band) & GPS module (Sirf-star or MTK chipset)
  • SMS location system (ideal for world coverage)
  • Very hard to detect
  • Single location or auto update request (Very economical)
  • Pay as you go or pre-paid sim included
  • Works worldwide
  • Smart phone controled
  • Anonymous stand alone system

To track this device is very simple to use from any smart phone Android or Iphone.
All you need to do is request the location from your smart phone by sending a text message to the sim cards phone number inside the tracker.

This device is basic and will send its location back to your smart phone in a clickable link form, click the link and open a map on Google mapping directly on your smart phone.
“On demand location” ideal for locating anything worldwide just requiring phone connectivity not internet connectivity. SMS based systems work better in some parts of the world where there is weak or bad internet coverage.
This tracking device has many different advantages over a typical GPRS based tracking device. Using SMS is better for data success over a cell or GSM network in countries where the GPRS is not reliable. Some parts of South America and some parts of the sea coasts around the EU have bad GPRS coverage.

You control every aspect of the costs on this tracking unit from topping up your tracking unit’s sim card to locating the tracking unit’s position, only pay for what you use when you are ready. Toping up is easy and can be done exactly the same way as you top up a mobile phone, do it online at the providers web site or by top up voucher purchased from any store or corner shop etc.

This tracking unit can be used on a boat or vehicle, it’s also very hard to detect with a conventional bug detector as you can request one location rather than have it stream locations, at set interval, the unit sits dormant ready to receive a request from you, as soon as it receives the request it will return the location once time by SMS message directly to your smart phone.

This tracking unit has a solar charging system which will assist in powering the tracker through solar power from the sun, the solar charging system provides charging assist and will not fully charge the tracker from dead however it will extend the life of the battery from 4 to 7 weeks depending on where the system is being used in the world. The trackers robust design makes it able to with stand the weather and sea salt air giving it good durability ideal for trips across the oceans to easily track shipping containers or plant machinery, the two strong magnets will keep the tracking device firmly fixed.

Ideal for any type of tracking cars, air cargo, sea freight, boats and more.



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