SOLAR POWERED wifi security iP camera with Night Vision

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Professional series 2 Mega Pixel exterior camera.
This camera menacing and state of the art, obvious to anyone looking at it.
A great deterrent for obverting a burglary or robbery, sometime a camera needs to be seen so it becomes obvious that the premises is being monitored by CCTV – This state of the art camera would do that job whilst also offering the user full control over the internet from there smart phone. The camera benefits from solar power and good night vision, offering movement detection to the user as soon as motion is detected in front of the HD camera day or night.
Perfect for a small business or shop premises.

Solar powered PTZ security camera with built in DVR and Night Vision.

The ultimate fully solar powered WiFi camera with pan tilt and zoom also has night vision.
This camera will run without any need for you to install a power supply as it is fully solar powered.
Effective night vision distance is 20 meters.
Solar power - one day’s sunshine keeps the camera running for several days. 
This unparalleled performance is achieved by 2pcs integrating batteries, solar panels and intelligent standby mode.
Ultra-low power consumption and long standby time.
Intelligent energy-saving function, with solar charging function, equipment maintenance-free throughout the year, very practical and environmentally friendly.
High-definition 1080P image quality to watch and record high-definition video, clearer monitoring details.
Quick connect wireless Wi-Fi function for network connection or connect to 2.4G Wi-Fi router. 
Put it anywhere around your property, no power supply needed and no cables need to be run to install the camera.
Instant video and audio streams can be accessed anytime.
Performance IP66 waterproof and moisture proof, it is total powered by the suns solar energy even in bad weather or rain.
TF cards can be inserted to store event snapshots and image and cloud storage can be supported.
Motion detection, the camera will actively push the alarm information to the user's mobile phone as soon as it sees movement.
User can add multiple cameras to realize multi-device monitoring, or one camera can be monitored simultaneously by multiple users.


  • Induction principle HMD(Human Motion on methods)
  • Main chip: Hi3518CV200 ARM926@800MHzHi3516CV300 ARM926@800MHz
  • WIFI module: Hi1131
  • WIFI protocol: WIFI 2.4 GHz, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • Sensors: IMX323 2 million 1/2.9 "CMOS Sensors
  • Effective pixels: 2 million
  • Resolution: 1920*1080
  • Focal length: 4mm
  • Shooting distance: 0-15 meters
  • Shooting angle: about 70 degrees
  • Response time: 1 second
  • Battery capacity: 4000mAh (2000mAh*2) (Included)
  • Solar panel power: 2.2 W
  • Maximum charging current: 400 mA
  • Night shooting: white light (supplementary light) and infrared manual switching
  • White light power: 2W LED 
  • Infrared power: 2W
  • Storage capacity: maximum support 64G
  • Induction range: 0-10m
  • Induction angle: 120
  • Working Temperature: - 10 ~60℃
  • Working humidity: 0% - 90% RH
  • Standby power consumption: 0.0025~0.03W
  • Power supply: photoelectric dual-purpose, solar + built-in lithium battery power supply
  • Film power consumption: daytime < 1.5W, night < 3.5W; daytime < 2W, night < 4W
  • Waterproof grade: IP67
  • Size: 20.0*9.5*9.5*9.5cm/
  • Package Weight: 1252g/44.2oz

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