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Queclink GPS devices we support.


GL300w 3G



How about using a tracker with no server connection?


Our small Solo tracker gives you battery power for 25 days plus !

The tiny tracking device, offers you the ultimate in autonomous tracking, using just a smartphone & a special application, the tracking device offers great performance without a monthly service charge. It is the perfect GPS tracking device for beginners or professionals, as it offers so much functionality, through the supported app, for such a small running cost.

Pay as you go, and only pay for sim card data as and when you use it. The little tracking device is waterproof and used with out with out its magnetic option, included with the device.

All you need to do, is load the application on your smart phone and you are live, tracking the device where ever it goes. The application offers lots of control and other features, like historical playback. Open the app, select a date and time, then watch the tracker move around the app, showing you exactly where it has been.

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