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Please ensure you have an active subscription set up to use your tracking device. You need an active subscription to continue using the service. To set up an active subscription, please click below. All tracking devices sold, come with one months free access, as listed in the advert at point of sale. After the free month access has expired, you will need to set up a subscription to continue using your GPS device, please keep your subscription active to access your GPS account.

Account subscription & service options.

The links above offer sign up and account service options.

New customers can click the PayPal subscription link and get a tracking device connected to our system. If you can see the make and model of your tracking device below, then we can host it for you on our global server. Existing customers can also purchase options for there tracking account. Please ensure you have an active subscription to use the system, you will not be able to log into your account if you cancel or have no active subscription. Please contact us direct once you have viewed some basic troubleshooting answers in our questions and answers section here.

We also offer contract based tracking for business users if required.

Supported GPS tracking products.

GPS Tracking devices.

All our tracking devices are easy to use, & you don’t have to have any technical knowledge to operate them. Nor do you need to install any app on your phone or load any special software.

Whether you’re a private detective, paying too much for tracking, or a business paying over the odds for GPS tracking services?

The truth is, we have a device that’s right for you and it’s not too costs a ridicule’s amount of money to maintain the service long or short term.

Why not review your current tracking costs? Talk to us, you might be surprised to know that we can probably save you 50%

Swamping over is easy, let us handle that for you, we connect remotely & supply free sim cards if required.

Flexibility & tailored solutions.

        • Very low running costs.
        • See road traffic status on map.
        • Unlimited tracking as standard.
        • P*A*Y*G or contract.
        • Simple plug & play charging.
        • Simultaneous access with multiple devices.
        • Battery powered wireless tracking.
        • Worldwide connectivity & service.
        • No hidden fees.
        • No cancelation fees.
        • No binding contracts or penalties.
        • No charge per track coming into your account.
        • Desktop and mobile app tracking.

Multi device access included with all connections.
View your tracker on multiple devices simultaneously.

GPS desktop mapping
GPS mobile appgps tracking device app

The current mapping system is viewed on any mobile phone or computer, the mapping is flexible and can be viewed on any internet connected device. You do not need to load any special software or have any special system to view and control your tracking device. All the technical functions have been automated. All you do is open a web browser on your phone or computer, input your tracker credentials, and you will see your tracking device live. There are also several control and viewing options contained within the system, everything is included. (You do not need any technical knowledge to use our system)

Payment options

UK delivery & Int distribution.

Delivery is next working day in the UK, all orders received by 3.30pm. Worldwide service 48 to 72 hours. International orders can be delayed by your customs office.

Standard guarantee & support.

All purchases come with a standard guarantee. We operate in line with all major retail rules and regulations in the UK. So there's no need to worry about service.

Personal & private delivery.

Spycraft offer a private same day delivery service in and around greater London, The service must be arranged before purchase. Contact US to explore more.

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PayPal / MasterCard / Visa / Bitcoin / direct bank payment. Modern business should be flexable, to purchase with BTC checkout selecting bank payment.

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