uhf room bugging set
UHF classic room bugging device
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UHF classic room bugging device


UHF room bugging set UHF 4.33 Mhz UHF.

The revamped classic bugging device, UHF bugging set for the distinguished professional who knows a little bit about radio transmitters, although the set is easy to use.
Classic room bugging set operating on UHF 4.33 Mhz.
Modern overall, with dedicated recording onto SD card, built in.
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UHF room bugging set, a transmitter and receiver combination with built-in SD card recording.

The UHF room bugging set is an old classic revamped, with modern technology. This type of UHF surveillance device is still used today and been with the surveillance industry for decades. It seems this type of bugging equipment will always be at the pinnacle of the spy world.

Clear voice audio.

The set has clear audio over the air, utilising the radio frequency UHF 4.33Mhz with a varied range up to 100 meters in line of clear sight. The typical crystal-controlled audio transmitter and receiver set is one of the best in its class for clarity of audio. It is ideal for any short-range surveillance scenario, for listening to any conversation from nearby.

UHF room bugging set effective transmitting range.

The range is similar to most UHF transmitters and receivers, usually up to 150 meters, line of sight. Transmissions are reduced in a built-up area or through buildings. The surveillance set works very well and is perfect for any security task.  The Transmitter is burst activated and provides excellent standby with a built-in rechargeable battery. There is undoubtedly some nostalgia surrounding the UHF bugging techniques, but the new generation set offers the same clarity of audio and amplification is excellent.

Recording onto the SD card storage.

The receiver has a slot in the side that hold a micro SD card for recording the live audio.
One press of the record button activates the recording system. Instantly saving everything to the SD card. Playback is done on the receiver vire the button. The SD card will play on any mobile phone or player.


  • UHF 4.33 Mhz.
  • Receiver and transmitter.
  • Recording built in.
  • Rechargeable batteries.

Additional information

Weight 123 kg

Tech Specs

  • TX & RX UHF
  • UHF 4.33 Mhz.
  • Receiver and transmitter.
  • Recording built in (SD card expansion support)
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • USB mini connector.


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