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Stethoscope wall microphone
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Stethoscope wall microphone


Our stethoscope wall microphone is a spy device for listening through solid walls. Not to be confused with cheap wall microphones, the wall microphone is built to precision with true quality thought.

The stethoscope microphone allows you to listen through solid walls. This unit has replaced our more expensive system because it delivers the same performance and costs less than our previous model. The new wall microphone set has two probes. One is a standard wall microphone used for most applications, the other is a need microphone probe for deep penetration surveillance.

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Our stethoscope wall microphone is a spy device for listening through solid brick walls. What do your neighbors really think about you?

The stethoscope wall microphone enables you to listen though sold brick walls. The wall mike is the ultimate surveillance device for listening to the neighbors next door? The stethoscope device amplifies the sound, so you can hear the conversation clearly like you were standing in the room.

Stethoscope wall microphone crystal clear audio.

You will not believe the clarity of the spy microphone, and once you have used one, you will want to keep hold of it! The wall microphone works like a stylist on a record players needle turning vibrations into audio. Moreover, the wall mikes are the best choice for picking up the faintest sound through any solid partition, like the type found in a building.

Professional private investigators.

The wall microphone aids any investigation. You don’t have to be a private detective to operate this device. The wall microphone is a classic spy device that is easily understood by anyone and used accordingly.

The wall microphone is the perfect device for anyone with problem neighbors, especially if you’re concerned about the people next door? Find out precisely what there up to for security and evidence. Moreover, the surveillance set has a recording output for a tape recorder or digital recorders, so it records the voice conversations. It is ideal for gathering audio information in any scenario.

Hear Incredible sound with a high gain ceramic microphone or needle probe.

The wall mike has a high gain ceramic microphone made from stainless steel. The mike has a magnetic base with a central protruding needle connected to the ceramic sensor. The system converts the vibrations picked up, into electrical audio signals. It also incorporates an audio filter control adjustment allowing the enhancement or rejection of different sound harmonics. The new wall microphone set has two probes.

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