Audio spy watch
Spy watch covert recorder
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Spy watch covert recorder


Covert spy watch records meetings with crystal clear clarity.

The spy watch gives you proof recordings, fully functional for secret conversation recordings, just in case the worst happens? Ideal for men and women, ensures you don’t get caught out by lies.

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Spy watch with amazing voice recording capability.

Whether you are a businessman or women, the spy watch provides audio logs of the whole day’s events. Useful for cataloguing a lecture at college or proof recording should you need to be sure of any points during a meeting. You never know when you might need to prove your innocence of saying something derogatory. People at work often blame others rather than taking the blame themselves. Our spy wrist watch captures everything for up to 20 hours, giving you audio logs to check, just in case?

Love and dating, backed up by one-touch to start covert recording.

Have you ever been accused of doing something you didn’t do or say?
Often when people date for the first time, it’s fun and enjoyable, but sometimes things can take a turn for the worst, like being accused of rape. Imagine not being able to prove you had consensual sex, or the partner, you had met, was planning something horrendous with you in mind. Covert audio logs would be a blessing in disguise; moreover, it might just keep you out of jail.

The spy watch has colossal recording capability, stores up to 20 hours of audio.

The spy wrist watch covertly monitors conversations for up to 20 hours on one charge, so its ideal for meeting and general covert operations. The saved files will play on any computer or laptop.

Quick start recording mode.

Our spy watch has a quick start mode, so you instantly enter record mode in an instance. Just one press of the button activates the spy watch into covert recording mode, without you anyone noticing.

The low-cost audio spy watch saves the day.

Feel confident that you have proof about what was said, during a moment or meeting, will give you all the evidence you need. Easy to understand, the spy watch gives you insurance should you need to produce evidence for legal issues or otherwise. You never know what you might need to record, so record the whole day trouble-free with this stylish secret spy watch. The watch has a soft rubberized strap for comfort, and is very light weight, perfect for prolonged use.


  • Watch shape, natural covert camouflage appearance.
  • 360° full range recording, large caliber, double microphone.
  • DSP audio processing, zero noise, HD, fidelity.
  • Intelligent voice control: Voice and sound activated.
  • S8 automatic encryption protection, S8 integrates encryption technology, so only you can operate it.
  • Accurate time, automatic time synchronization function, recording, time and date stamp.
  • Automatic save: When the system is low on battery, it automatically save the file before shut down.
  • One button recording, does not require any cumbersome operation, so recording is as simple.
  • MP3 music, lyrics synchronization, switchover.
  • Recording while charging, mobile phone OTG.

Packing Contents.

  • MP3 Recording Watch
  • Headphones
  • Data Cable
  • Manual

Tech Specs

  • Product color: black
  • Memory capacity: 8G
  • Body material; zinc alloy
  • Design: watch recorder
  • Recording format: WAV
  • Recording time: 30 hours continuous recording
  • Standby time: 60 hours
  • Recording method: one-click recording
  • Microphone: Built-in HD microphone
  • Sampling rate: 48KHZ
  • Number of digits: 192KBPS
  • Battery: Built-in environmentally friendly lithium battery
  • USB: mini USB
  • Production total length: about 250mm
  • Dial plate: about 35*35*8.5mm/1.4*1.4*0.33 inch
  • Product weight is about 35g

1 review for Spy watch covert recorder

  1. Melony

    It arrived and is exactly what I wanted and the battery records for ages.

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