computer mouse voice bug
Spy mouse GSM bug
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Spy mouse GSM bug


Spy mouse GSM bug in a computer mouse works with any computer and phone.

Voice bug in a computer mouse works with any computer Ideal for listening to conversations when somebody is using a PC, ideal for child security online.

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Spy mouse is a GSM bug in a computer mouse works with any computer and phone.

The computer spy mouse is not just a standard computer mouse, it looks normal but it has a sinister voice bug secreted into it. As a computer accessory, no one would suspect a computer mouse was a bugging device, so it’s hard to spot. It plugs directly into any computer or laptop, with a USB connector.

Operating the surveillance spy mouse.

You call the device from any phone and the micropipe in the mouse opens, letting you listen to the voice sounds in the room. The covert mouse is ideal for finding out who your child or spouse is talking to over a computer messenger or with VoIP voice service.

Crystal clear clarity & battery back up.

The high-quality spy microphone picks up all the conversation in the room, also ideal for making sure your staff are working at the computer when they should be? The audio is buzz free and clear. As the mouse is connected to the PC with USB connector, its permanently powered up. Should the computer be switched off the mouse will still work as it has a battery build into the system.

Sim card supplied and installed.

The spy mouse has a sim card installed into it, so you do not have to take it apart or fiddle with the system at all. Plug it into the computer and wait for approximately one minuet, the mouse will be live and ready to use.


  • Built in adjustable shock senor.
  • Voice activated adjustable trigger SMS alert.
  • built in phone number security.
  • battery backup with standard USB connection.

Ideal for monitoring:

  • Cheating spouses.
  • Children & Elderly.
  • Employees.
  • PC computer alarm.

Additional information

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Tech Specs

  • Quad band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz.
  • Voice activated.
  • Remote control by SMS.
  • Crystal clear audio.
  • 3 hour working time.
  • Permanently powered from PC USB port.
  • Battery backup.
  • GSM Voice Monitor System.
  • Spy Listening Device.
  • Sound alarm function: device will call back to the pre-setting phone number automatically when the around voice rise up to 45 DB.
  • Built-in 2 Mic to ensure the prominent sound quality.
  • V3 Google map for most countries.
  • Super Mini size, portable, easy to be hidden.
  • Micro USB power port (Works with added power supplies)


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