Power socket bugging device
Power socket bugging device
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Power socket bugging device


Power socket GSM bug (Also works as a regular power socket)

As described this device is an extension socket designed to plug into any power socket in the wall.
It has a sim card pre-installed in the device and can be called from any phone to listen in to the room sounds. Use the programmable voice activation mode through SMS message from your mobile phone.

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Power socket bugging device.

This Power socket bugging device is a fully functioning double mains adaptor fitted with our very latest GSM listening technology. Plug it into any mains socket and monitor the room conversations from anywhere in the world from your cell phone. Just call the phone number, and the bug will silently switch on, enabling you to listen to sound up to 30 feet away.

Sound is filtered, and 100% buzz free for perfect audio clarity. With mains power, you no longer need to recover and recharge the bug, making it suitable for long term monitoring.

Safety always recommendation with a power socket device.

The GSM Adaptor will work once connected to any 3-Pin UK type socket 220-250Vac. It utilizes the mobile phone frequencies 800/1900 MHz mobile phone network.

Always Put safety first with mains power.

It is not recommended to overload this device with electrical items or use this device for a month without checking it. Using the power socket bugging device with a Power breaker is recommended for safety ! Plug into a power source that has a low amplitude breaker for protection and add your own power breaker just to be safe. Good power breaker plugs can be purchased from any good electrical store for a few pounds.

The product is well made by the manufacturer and all are tested before dispatch, but we do not guarantee the deviceless build quality, as we do not build this device our selves so it is important to state. The power socket plug is manufactured by a third party and is not a custom product make by spycraft.

Additional information

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Tech Specs

  • Fully Functioning Double Mains Adaptor.
  • Built-in GSM Listening Device.
  • Mains Powered for long term monitoring.
  • Plugs into any UK Style 3-Pin Socket.
  • Works on any 900/1800 MHz Mobile Network.


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