GSM spy cable


USB bugging cable has a mobile phone sim card hidden in the connector.

The USB spy lead has a hidden microphone and sim card inserted in the connector. It enabling you to call it from your mobile phone and listen to all the voice conversations in the immediate area.
The lead will fit most mobile phone power connection ports, like many Samsung or more appropriately any Micro USB port on any device.

Most people simply would not suspect a normal-looking USB cable to have a GSM audio but secreted at the end of it?

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GSM spy cable a USB bugging device hidden in a standard phone lead works with most Android devices and gadgets.

GSM spy cable sounds odd because it’s a bug hidden in a wire rather than a bugging device hidden in a product. The lead fits most Android phones with a micro USB connector and works as a conventional power charger. The GSM spy cable has optional voice activation and is ideal for car or room surveillance. More over it can be connected to any device that is charged by a micro USB connector.

Standard looking USB power lead.

The GSM spy cable has a regular micro USB connector so it fits most android devices. The other end is a standard USB connector that fits any computer. The lead works with Samsung phones and Android smartphones. S7,S8,S9 etc. The lead contains a hidden sim card in the connector so you can call into it at any time from any mobile phone.

Electronic charging cable.

This charger lead is standard in every way except it has a hidden bug built into it, so it works as normal for charging phones and other gadgets. Power is a standard 5vDC used by almost all USB type devices like your phone and computer. The hidden microphone delivers good audio quality so you can hear all the phone conversations in the area.

Covert in design and hard to spot.

The lead is something you could swap over or deploy very quickly, hard to spot this state of the art lead is one of the new waves of micro bugging devices coming out of the world market. Very sinister, indeed but also effective. It works with most sim cards like Vofadone or o2 and we supply the sim cards with the product. Easy to install and set up, you will be live in minutes.

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