GSM bug needle microphone
GSM bug with needle microphone

GSM bug with needle microphone


The flexible GSM bug has a single needle microphone.

The GSM bug has a needle microphone, on a wire, so you can position it away from the bugging device control unit for optimum air movement and sound attenuation.
Listen through walls, vehicles, lorry containers, use this device to penetrate and pick up audio through solid objects. Sound is unclear if there is minimal air movement; this bugging device is ideal for vehicles.

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The flexible GSM bug with needle microphone offers optimal positioning in vehicles, providing excellent clarity of audio.

The Flexible GSM bug with a needle microphone is ideal for positioning in a car. The needle microphone can quickly go through a small whole, providing optimum sound movement for monitoring. Once placed, the GSM bugging device will pick up clear audio, allowing you to listen to voice conversations picked up from inside the vehicle.

Flexible GSM bug with a unique needle microphone on a cable gives you more scope.

Having needle microphone is advantageous for positioning through solid objects. Conventional bugging devices, without a needle microphone, can not penetrate sealed areas and sometimes fail.

The bugging device is sound activated, so will trigger your mobile phone as soon as it hears a conversation. Typical applications would be vehicles and rooms that require surveillance monitoring.

The GSM bug is durable because it has the needle mike, its perfect for many other surveillance applications, like penetrating rooms or lory containers. The needle microphone enables you to reach just about any area that a typical bug won’t fit. It’s not so much, finding a place to hide the bugging unit, but placing the microphone of the device in the optimal area for picking up audio. Moreover, sound needs air movement to travel. There is no sound in a vacuum? The less sound movement in the room, the less audio to be picked up.

Put safety first if drilling holes through anything.

Drilling a small hole into anything is dangerous and should only be attempted by a qualified technician or experienced professional, especially when it comes to a vehicle. Vehicles have fuel lines and electrical systems that may explode if tampered with or damaged.

 Please consult your qualified specialist if you are attempting DIY installation.

We have various options for vehicle surveillance, bugging devices and GPS tracking products, all perfect for car security. Please feel free to view some of the other options for cars and vehicles below.

Tech Specs

  • High gain microphone.
  • Power up to 7 hours.
  • All GSM SIM card compatible.
  • Microphone range: up to 40 feet.
  • Receive sensitivity: -+ 10k.
  • Temp: -35~50 degrees C.
  • Responding frequency: 1.2k~800khz.
  • Power: Built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Charger: Via mains power 100v – 240v ac or with a pc USB lead.
  • Standby time: Up to 3 days.
  • Dimension: 45 x 32 x 9 mm.
  • Optional extended battery pack.


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