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Car key voice recorder
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Car key voice recorder


Secret car key voice recorder.

This regular looking car key has a secret voice recording system built into it.
It will allow you to record all the audio you need with a digital sound processor automatically activated so you capture crystal clear sound during recording. It works for an incredible 30 hours on one charge. Very covert and hard to spot on any bunch of keys.

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Car key voice recorder will fool most people at a glance, record up to 30 hours of secret audio.

The car key voice recorder is a realistic looking car key just like any other car key on your bundle, very typical to the touch. The system had a sophisticated battery allowing up to 30 hours recording on one charge. The digital sound processor will ensure excellent recording quality in high definition audio. The secret key has two modes, sound activation or constant recording mode. Both methods are effective at capturing all the audio in the area.

The key has noise reduction and a super-sensitive microphone. 

Simple one-touch start/stop record operation, easy to use, discreet and covert. No lights or sounds are present during the recording. Recorded files play bank on any windows operating PC and laptop or iOS MacBook operating systems. Playback is also possible with headphones plugged directly into the key, as it can work as an MP3 player too.

Key measures 8cm length x 3cm width and weighs only 16 grams and fits standard key rings.

The spy key has an 8GB flash memory, and 300mA battery records 38 hours of high-quality voice recordings. Its fantastic sound is ideal for capturing covert voice conversations.

The main technical points of interest are sound quality and battery life. Crystal clear sound works for 38 hours on a single charge and takes 60 minutes to recharge. 

The sound activation mode saves battery life, prolonging recording capability, although the key has a great capacity as standard.

A sequence of Intelligent chips inside the key reduce unwanted noise during recordings.

High-quality recording with clear playback. 

Each recording made has a time/date/length, and file number stamp for playback. The record length of each file is continuous and will be saved as a single audio file when stopped. 

On low power, the battery will save any data before the battery runs out. 

The system works with Windows and MacBook iOS system using a USB connection. The spy key stores an incredible 44 hours of audio files.

Additional information

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Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: 80mm x 30mm x 9mm.
  • High capacity 300mA rechargeable battery.
  • Music format: MP3/WMA/WAV.
  • USB storage write protection.
  • Battery life 30-38 hours.
  • 8GB storing 44 hours.
  • Bits rate: 192Kbps (default).
  • Sampling frequency 48Khz.
  • Recording format: WAV.
  • Weight: 16 grammes.

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  1. Simon

    This is a good recorder and picks up everything I recommend this product from Spycraft will buy again.

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