Spy camera memory stick


Spy camera memory stick, a hidden covert USB video recorder with audio.

Capture and record all the action in clear video and audio with the spy camera memory stick.
Simple operation and disguised as a standard USB dongle, it is very hard to spot. Perfect for proof recording. This little spy camera will record and save all the action both video and audio.

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The covert spy camera is hidden in a computer memory dongle.

Spy camera memory stick fits any computer, and It works while charging. It can record for up to sixty minutes if disconnected from the PC. The spy camera, covertly disguised in the memory stick, has a standard USB port for charging and file transfer. 

Spy camera memory stick plugs directly into any USB port and will auto loads any software required from the web, no drivers required. A software disk is in the box should you need any support.

Covertly film plugged in or not.

Once plugged into your computer the internal battery will begin to charge allowing up to sixty minutes recording, should you use it with no connection. If permanently plugged into a USB port, the hidden camera will record onto the SD card until the SD card is full or you press stop.

Ideal for any meeting or covert recording, no one will suspect that you are recording video and audio as you use your laptop or PC. Thus the device gives the impression that you’re only using a regular memory stick, but in reality, you are recording both video and audio live.


  • U-disk shape looks like a standard USB dongle.
  • Built-in microphone. 
  • No external microphone is needed.
  • Works on battery power or while charging.
  • Takes photos
  • Video recordings.
  •  Sound recordings.
  •  Motion detection.
  •  U-Disk 360 degrees adjustment
  • PC camera.
  • Essential key ring.

Please note “motion detect” only works when the camera physically plugged into the PC.

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