Smartphone zoom lens night vision
Smart phone HD camera zoom lens with night vision
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Smart phone HD camera zoom lens with night vision


Smart phone HD camera zoom lens with night vision.

Excellent for private investigations or general photography from your smart phone.
Simple attach your smart phone to the zoom lens with the special clamp provided.
Now you can zoom in day or night, and capture anything from long range.

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Smartphone zoom lens high definition night vision.

The smartphone zoom lens is a portable monocular designed to attach to your smartphone, it has a powerful zoom function allowing you to magnify images and video up to 50x normal camera view ideal for any surveillance work or naturists wildlife activities.

The resolution is in high definition enabling you to capture excellent image and video.
The set consists of a tripod, zoom lens, case, and mounting clamp for your smartphone.
Once attached you can record anything you are looking at with your phone’s video camera or simply take pictures with your phone in the usual way.

You operate your phone in exactly the same way with the zoom lens connected to the back camera.


  • Private investigators.
  • Investigations & surveillance.
  • Nature watching.
  • Sports photography.
  • General photography.
  • Night time filming.

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