covert spy camera purse
Covert spy camera purse
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Covert spy camera purse


Covert spy camera bag 4K true video imaging for him & her.

Here it is, with full Wi-Fi live streaming view. One of the most stylish hidden camera bags on the market, packed with a high resolution camera 4K high definition. Covert and hidden with up to 3 hours recording power.

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Covert spy camera purse with true 4K video for covert filming.

The latest covert spy camera purse records video in true 4K imaging, so it’s ideal for any occasion, stylish and effective. The spy camera purse, comes in two familiar patterns, brown and blue. There is a tiny pinhole camera at one end of the purse, so the the camera captures all the action. This battery is inside the bags center partition so the rest of the purse is available to use in the regular way, hold notes and a mobile, just like a regular purse.

Most hidden portable design, camera purse.

The camera purse will fool most onlookers with its sleek design, the camera is very hard to spot and so, the hidden recording system is ideal for mystery shoppers and honey trap tasks. The camera bag is well made and the electronics are well secreted into the pouch, making the device ideal for private investigators and all.

Power supply and charging the cover spy camera purse.

The battery is located in the center partition of the purse hidden away from prying eyes by the zipper, so it’s not easy to spot if the purse is opened. The purse is used in the regular way to hold money, credit cards, and or a mobile phone. The purse looks normal in every way, giving onlookers a realistic view without heightening suspicion. Battery performance is excellent and will support recording for a colossal 15 hours. Charging time is low in comparison to the colossal recording time available on a fill charge. The set come with a standard mini use lead, that is plugged into any PC or USB charger for recharging the batteries. With all the sophisticated electronics inside, the purse still feels very light and genuine.

Video Playback & WIFI connectivity.

Simple video playback is achieved directly on your PC, plug the purse into any USB port on your computer and view the recorded footage in 4K clarity. You can also view live video and historical video over a WIFI connection directly to your phone. The spy purse has WIFI built into it, SO a subject could be carrying the purse while you viewed from within WIFI range, live, in real time, on your phone.

Video storage.

Video is saved onto an SD card, the fitting for the card is in the top of the electronics under the zipper of the purse in the middle partition. The spy device takes a colossal 128Mb SD / TF card, so your not going to run out of storage? Featuring quick swap and format as standard, there’s bags of storage space for any mission!

Tech Specs

  • Memory card capacity: 128 Mb.
  • High definition video 1080P
  • 4k Ultra HD
  • Wireless wifi capability.
  • Ture P2P support.
  • Video view: Phone & PC.
  • Camera angle: 90 degrees.
  • Battery capacity: 4000mAh.
  • Weight: 340g.
  • Dimensions: 28 x 13 x 22cm.
  • Battery working time: 15 hours.
  • Motion detection recording.

2 reviews for Covert spy camera purse

  1. Penelope

    Wonderful & perfect. Not quite as nice an my genuine version but that is immaterial to my pulpous thank you for your help. Best, Penelope.

  2. Raymond

    Crisp video its so clear and long recording time super.

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