Laser bug detector
Laser bug detector
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Laser bug detector



The new Laser bug detector, two different modes for detecting hidden spy cameras.

Are you ready for a total U-turn on conventional spy camera detection?
Find bugs that are dormant, & detect spy cameras at long range with the unique laser pointer.
An effective bug detector with a built-in laser beam.
Not to be confused with basic spy camera detectors that use an infrared strobe.

Always use eye protection when using laser products, we provide glasses included at no extra cost.

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The laser bug detector gives you so many functions, including a unique laser beam that detects hidden spy cameras.

A laser bug detector that points out spy cameras and is smart? The detector incorporates individual search capabilities that are automated, with a unique laser pointer to instantly detect hidden camera lenses. Unlike a conventional infrared strobe detector, the scanner offers both Laser pointing and infrared strobe in separate modes.

One of the unique functions of the bug detector is a pinpointing laser beam, used for spotting hidden spy cameras. The bug detector, also scans radio signals, including, those found on GSM mobile phone frequencies, so it is useful for detecting a variety of spy equipment.

The laser pin pointer works like no other.

A laser pointer offers an exceptional approach to finding hidden cameras. The pointing function is not the same as a typical infrared strobe light. Instead, the detector fires a laser beam at the target area. Once a camera lens is acknowledged, the bug detector alerts the user with an audible tone.

Magnetic detection mode assists you in finding car tracking devices.

Detecting electromagnetic fields is great when searching out magnetic car tracking equipment. As soon as you place the device near a magnet, you will hear an audible tone. A handy function for acknowledging the presence of hidden GPS trackers or magnetic bugs, often used in cars.

Laser equipment warning!

Eye protection is necessary in laser pointing mode, like all laser pointing devices sold in the UK, you should protect your eyes at all times. The product comes with anti-laser glasses included with the purchase. You may use your protective glasses if you have them. The laser bug detector is CE certified.

 Whether you are a beginner or professional, the camera finder is second to none. The laser bug detector is available now, with English voice notification, and UK specifications, not Chinese. 

Additional information

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Tech Specs

  • Battery: 3.7V 500mA lithium.
  • Charging time: DC 5v/1A Type-c 2 hours
  • Continuous working time: 33 hours
  • Detection frequency: 1 – 6.5Ghz
  • Antenna gain: -56dB
  • Signal detection range: GSM: 50 – 300cm: 3G & 4G: 20 – 100cm: WiFi 10 – 100 cm
  • Infrared frequency range: 750 – 1100 nm
  • Infrared strobe function mode.
  • Laser pointer bug detection mode.
  • Radio signal mode
  • Voice notification.
  • SIze: 26 x 130mm
  • Weight: 56g

2 reviews for Laser bug detector

  1. Rachel B

    Well it is small and I am not sure what I am doing with it TBH but it bleeps when it points at a camera so that’s what I wanted. Think I can work that one out 🙂 and thanks for you help

  2. John

    I liked it good for finding cameras and thank you for the quick delivery.

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