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Spy pen
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Spy pen


Wireless bug detector pen will pick up digital cameras operating around 2.4GHz.

As a basic detector, the spy pen provides a covert bug detector hidden in a working pen. nothing is obvious about the pen so it’s hard for somebody to see you have a bug detector with you or in your briefcase.

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Bug detector spy pen hides a built-in wireless spy camera detector.

The covert bug detector spy pen, looks and works like a regular pen but the covert bug detector pen will alert you once it detects the presence of wireless cameras and room or car bugs, round the clock protection in your hand.

The top will quickly flash once it picks up a wireless signal that should not be in the room?

A basic but effective notification of a wireless spy camera in a room is very handy if you are going into a meeting and cannot carry anything obvious with you.

It’s important to note that there are many different types of hidden spy cameras; this pen detects the presence of a wireless spy camera transmitting, only when the spy camera transmits.


  • Detection range 1.2GHz to 2.4GHz wireless camera frequencies.
  • RF detection.
  • LED indicator.

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