Bug detector expert BH-03
Bug detector Scanner Expert
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Bug detector Scanner Expert


Bug detector BH-03 (3G & 4G)

There is always a product that is different from the mainstream in any area of expertise. This Russian built device is highly competitive and works in a unique way.
Its performance is very good indeed, able to detect all the relevant frequencies associated with bugging equipment. both RF and cellular GSM-based devices.

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Bug detector scanner Expert (BH-03).

This Bug detector scanner is possibly the best bug detector you will buy if you do not want to spend thousands of pounds. Not many systems will detect 3G and 4G transmissions from smartphones. The Bug detector scanner is well made and has excellent performance. The detector will also see WiFi and Bluetooth and detect cellular bands like 3G and 4G. The bug detector has a decent-sized LCD screen and has easy to understand menus. You can adjust the natural properties required for analyzing signals and adjusting volume etc.

Bug detector BH-03 detections modes & unique feedback mode.

The Expert bug detector BH-03 searches for hidden microphones & bugs, operating in analogue mode. The radio signal is detected and increased by the BH-03, so the circle closes, so to speak, forcing the detector to produce a unique alert. Feedback mode is one of the most accurate methods of detecting bugging devices. With feedback mode active, you will reduce the time spent scanning and search for transmitters. The feedback mode is quite unique and only available on this model.

Acoustic indication. 

The bug detector can scan in acoustic mode, a graphic indication by audible tone is present during the hearing process. The detectors speaker emits a sound to help direct you to the source of the spy devices.

Bug detector scanner GH-03 Expert search mode.

Enabled by default, the LED-display shows signal strength graphics of the signal levels. Maximum values and averaged values for 3 seconds and 45 seconds. Simultaneously. The device is very accurate and has a good sensitivity range for sweeping most signals of interest.

Tech Specs

Detects almost any spy device:

  • Wireless bugs.
  • Cell phones and radios in operation.
  • Wireless microphones.
  • Wireless videocams.
  • Cell phone jammers.
  • GPS transmitters.
  • Exact match of stated parameters.
  • Equally high sensitivity throughout claimed frequency range.
  • Extended dynamic range.
  • Both analog and digital wireless “bug” detection (short pulses)
  • Automatic adjustment of background radiation levels.
  • Extended operating temperature range.
  • Headphones connection for implicit warnings of wireless “Bugs”
  • Advanced power saving features (increased operational duration)
  • Low battery power indicator. Has a function of automatic cut-off to save energy.
  • Self-diagnostics.
  • Built-in frequency meter automatically detects and displays.
  • GPRS, EDGE, 3G4G (cellular communication and data transmitting)
  • DECT (cell phones and radio modules of DECT standard)
  • DECT BASE (base stations of DECT standard)
  • BLUETOOTH (radio modules of BLUETOOTH standard)
  • WLAN (wireless network such as Wi-Fi, Zig bee, Lo RA etc.)
Products details PBNEXPERT
Dimensions, mm 105 x 58 x 18,5
Device weight with batteries, kg 0.11
Power consumption, W 0.6
Frequency range, MHz 10-3500
Sensitivity, mV / m 50
Dynamic range, dB, up to 70
Detector range 5
Detection range in guard mode. 50
DC supply voltage two batteries AAA type (charge from the 220V main via adapter)
Battery life
  • up to 400 hours for regular battery;
  • up to 500 hours for rechargeable battery.


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