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Bug detector credit card
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Bug detector credit card


Bug detector spy scanner CR-01.

Sometimes you need to be discreet when searching for suspected bugging devices.
This credit card size bug detector will also detect spy software transmissions from your smartphone. Tiny in design will easily fit into a bag or pocket and is highly advanced to cope with modern bugging techniques.

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Bug detector credit card side for covert detection.

This slim bug detector is just about the size of a credit card. Thus Ideal for portable counter surveillance tasks like check for bugs in a hotel room or car. This device will also scan your home and person for hidden transmitters. It is a very portable professional electronic counter surveillance bug detector with hidden premium performance.

The bug detector credit card sized unit is lightweight.

Small but mighty the CR-01 has a skinny case 5mm thick and is lightweight, so you won’t even notice you have it in a pocket or bag.

This small counter surveillance unit encompasses a highly automated scanning system. It has broad bandwidth, capable of detecting spy signals including 3G and 4G mobile transmissions with advanced detection filters.

Phone spy software detector.

Spy software often sends data in and out of your phone without your phone reacting in any visual way. This bug detector will lock onto these transmissions to notify you that your phone is communicating when it appears dormant. So as you might see, the bug detector can alert you to the presence of spy software operating on your phone. Moreover, to scan your phone for spy software, you will need to disable the push-pull function on your phone.

Convenient body bug detector.

No one needs to know you have a professional hidden detection device in your pocket or bag. This bug detector has excellent high-end detection properties ingeniously designed into it. So it is Ideal for most covert usage anywhere in the world.

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