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5G bug detector
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5G bug detector



5G bug detector the ultimate budget bug detector.

The 5G bug detector detects most radio signals & transmissions operating on a smartphone. It offers incredible performance for its price, there’s no doubt about that.

We reviewed the 5G detector with the Lawmate RD-10 and other similar devices in the same class. We found the 5G bug detector to be more superior in every area.

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The 5G bug detector is the ultimate budget bug detector with 5G capability.

The new 5G bug detector is a fine budget bug detector, with added scanning advantages. It’s small and portable and easily fit into a coat pocket. The bug detector has a telescopic antenna that extends from the corner of the main casing, for full scanning mode. Live scan Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as well as all the critical bugging frequencies up to 8GHz.

The detector is capable of detecting 5G mobile phone transmissions and will detect spy phone software, operating on a smartphone.

The detector scans GSM & radio signals up to the range of 8.5Ghz.

As expected, the detection range and sensitivity are not like our professional bug detectors, but it is perfect for its price, that there’s no doubt.

The first budget bug detector on the market with 5G capability.

As you would expect, it also scans 3G and 4G signals, so offers the user a full scope to examine all the cellular frequencies, like those used by GSM bugging devices.

The detector is remarkable for its price considering the added features.

The scanner will see Bluetooth and WIFI fields too, and it has a built-in infrared camera locator. This amount of functions on a budget bug detector is astonishing, and rarely seen on any budget device.

The bug detector outperforms any other budget detector in its price class.

The pocket size 5G bug detector detects all radio frequencies from basic FM, VHF, UHF WFM, Wi-Fi, through to GSM. The detector is incredible for its price, as it will scan so many different types of radio waves, right through to 5G mobile cell frequencies, used by your smartphone, so it is very comprehensive indeed.

It is important to note this pocket size detector is a budget system, and although its very good for its price, its not like our professional bug scanners.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

Tech Specs

  • Scanning capability GSM, GPRS, 3G,4G,5G, WiFi, Bluetooth.
  • Spy camera spotter viewfinder.
  • Infrared camera strobe.
  • Size: 55*89*15mm.
  • Net weight 65g.
  • Material ABC plastics.
  • Battery capacity 500 mah.
  • Battery charging time 1-2 hours.
  • Continuous working time 8-9 hours.
  • Detect RF signal range 10Mhz – 8.5Ghz.

3 reviews for 5G bug detector

  1. Baza

    Just brilliant thanks, It was easy in the end.

  2. Martin

    Just got the delivery next day as promised thanks. The device is amazing, small and dinky. It is perfect for me. I can believe it detects my new Phone. Much appreciated thanks.

  3. Nikki

    We found a phone that’s not ours lol. Here is my feedback as agreed, I have got back into my Instagram and we have brought a new computer to manage my business, thank you for all your help you have been brilliant. The bug detector is an amazing little thing and we will keep it for the future.

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