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White noise generator
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White noise generator


For conversation security, the white noise generator is a great counter surveillance option and anti-spy device.

Microphone stopper is an anti eavesdropping device that will stop spy microphone recording sound.

Please note this device does not use RF frequency during operation and is not a radio frequency jammer.

Simply turn the device on to generate white noise, disruption spy recorders.

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For conversation security, the white noise generator is a great counter surveillance option and anti-spy device.

This white noise generator is an audio scrambler and stops most microphones from hearing your voice. The sound jamming system affects spy recorders in a different way to conventional radio jammers.

An old classic still used today.

This device has been on the world market for over 15 years copied many times by different manufacturers. An old classic, we have sold for a long time. Some systems are effective, although primitive, and the white noise generator will make it difficult for any microphone to record your conversations.

Disrupt the mighty Knowles microphone.

The noise generator or microphone stopper is not technical. It emits white noise from the speaker, like a radio that’s not tuned correctly, into a station. However, this sound is not random and has been specially prepared to oscillate at a unique sound frequency. Effectively, destroying the sound harmonics of a typical voice frequency.

White noise can be loud.

You can physically hear the sounds coming out of the white noise generator. The device will mask the sound of your voice, so effectively defeating bugging systems microphones. The audio jammer is effective at masking your voice conversations, as sound amplitude is of the generator is louder then your voice?

Value for money.

There will never be a better-priced device for disrupting or masking voice audio. This white noise generator will do the job every time, and it will always be an old favorite with guaranteed results.

Ultrasonic sound jammers.

Trusting an ultrasonic wave jammer presents unknowns during operation, is the system affecting digital microphones? In tests, we found 50% of digital microphone nullifiers would fail to stop digital microphones from capturing voice audio. It seems like high tech equipment is not always the best TSCM unless you buy a product that works.

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Tech Specs

  • Protects up to 150 sq. ft.
  • Battery: 9V.

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  1. Marco

    Here is your feedback as promised. I like the product and use it a lot. Turn it on when I need to easy.

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