Nokia anti Interception phone
Nokia anti interceptor phone
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Nokia anti interceptor phone


Nokia anti Interception phone.

(This phone is very special and exclusive for private users and diplomatic personnel)

The Nokia anti interception phone provides the user with absolute protection from technical hackers during a conventional phone call or text message. The phone offers live network analysis and stores interception events as they occur.

As the perfect security phone, this Nokia 3310 offers the user two sim card slots open to all networks, and selectable location spoofing to detur threats from dangerous individuals. The location spoofing is fully adjustable and ensures protection from kidnap scenarios or any unwanted paparazzi.

The Nokia anti interception phone has so many advanced functions that are all automated. The phone is perfect for VIP security and diplomatic users. You do not need to understand the technical world of hacking communications to safeguard your data and physical location with this very special phone, all you do is turn the phone on and use it as a regular phone.
The special functions menu is easy to use and understand, moreover, the special functions are seamlessly implemented by the phone.

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Nokia anti interceptor phone 3310 VIP and diplomatic security over 3G during communications.

This Nokia anti interceptor phone provides interception alert and is very special.
As an essential cell phone, the Nokia protects the user during a call, ideal for diplomatic persons and VIPs. The phone works with all sim cards contract and Pay as you go or combinations of both. With duel sim slots the connectivity is exceptional on 2G and 3G service providers.

The Nokia 3310 is an anti Interception phone with added features to safeguard the user.

The Nokia 3310 has dual sim capacity with a unique phantom emulator.
This phone ensures you will be alerted should your phone call become hacked or intercepted by MTM attack, or a professional iT hacker/spy using any GSM interception equipment. Such equipment is capable of listening in on your conversations and reading your text messages.

Nokia anti interceptor gives the user automatic location security.

The phones IMEI and IMSI are secure, keeping the user safe from GSM interception and remote hackers. It will alert you as soon as a fake BTS mobile mast acquires your phone number.

The Phone can spoof its physical location, connecting to a distant cell tower to ensure personal location security. The range can be up to 10Km depending on cell mast proximity, the user selects the mast they would like to connect too. Subjective depending on cell mast proximity, the Nokia makes GSM location very hard or impossible by technical triangulation, therefore protecting you from being physically tracked or located by hackers, paparazzi and other undesirables.

Crypto TRACER & Sandbox security function.

The crypto tracing function will detect “unlawful” interception (Network Switch Based Interception) IMEI engine and other software components have a separate partition in the phones operating system (Sandbox) to make them work faster and smoother. Restarting of the phones IMSI system is suppressed in case of any abnormal network characteristics (IMSI Catchers/GSM Interceptors) The function protects the user’s data and exact physical location.

Interception network Check.

Once launched, the function will start checking the local uplink for both active and passive GSM interception probability and shows date event history. Interception performed with Active/Semi-Active GSM Interceptors is monitored by 30 different GSM/GPRS processes to ensure a suitable uplink is present on the connected cell mast anywhere in the world.

C1/C2 monitoring.

By forcing cell components, C2 parameter change by active and semi-active GSM Interceptors. The Nokia detects the difference if a disconnect from the genuine provider’s network occurs. Hackers connect your phone to the fake or rogue BTS impersonated by the interception equipment. This type of attack is called BCCH manipulation, used by all modern GSM Interceptors.

SMS encryption capability with anti-Interception mode.

Please note that you need at least 2 Nokia 3310 to use the SMS encryption feature and anti interception mode. If Interception occurs, messages will be blocked, and call alert notifications display on the phone’s screen.

 (Please note this phone does not change IMEI number)

Please see the more info tab below for technical specifications.

Never before has there been such an advanced automated cell phone capable of real extreme functionality. Indeed a cell phone for the private, professional user, and VIP client. Who understands the modern challenges presented by tomorrow’s spy technology.

Usability and phone functions.

Don’t worry, everything is automatic, and you don’t need to understand the tech stuff on the phone to use it. All aspects of the phone are easy to see and understand. The impressive stuff occurs automatically and works seamlessly, allowing you to use the phone in the same way as any other phone.

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