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Anti recording device
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Anti recording device


Recording countermeasures device.

Dictaphone voice recording countermeasures device.

Please note this device does not use any RF frequency during operation.
Nor does it transmit any radiofrequency waves it is purely based on sound.

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Recording countermeasures.

The recording countermeasures device is state of the art in all respects. During active operation, the recording countermeasures device masks audio like voice conversation in the room or car. So, smartphones and digital recording devices will not be able to record your voice. Moreover, the device nullifies digital microphones to disable them from picking up sound

The process.

Oscillating white noise generated at a particular ultrasonic frequency emits from the device in stealth mode. Very low white noise audio is present when operating in stealth mode. The white ultrasonic noise stops and disables any recorder’s microphone from functioning. This advantageous audio nullifying device does not break any radio licensing law in the UK or EU. The device will protect your audio conversation from eavesdropping devices. It stops spy devices recording, for instance, wireless microphones, tape recorders, hard-wired microphones. It does not transmit RF radio frequencies and is legal to own and use.

The device optimises performance.

The transducers point towards the locations of the eavesdropping device, when possible? These types of microphone are in tape recorders, dictaphones, wired microphones, for example. The Ultrasonic dictaphone recording countermeasures device protects you from suspicious visitors or clients. Make sure the device is facing outwards from your speech. The optimal distance from the transducers to the microphone of the eavesdropping device is 2 meters. Switch ON the device and adjust the volume of the acoustic signal so that you can still hear the person you are talking too. It would help if you held your conversation at a slightly low voice than usual. But so that you understand each other without having to repeat everything. If you feel there is a situation that needs a full response you should use TURBO mode for more effective jamming of any hidden microphone or smartphone microphones.

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  1. Mal. R.

    I tested the device with a few different smart phones and voice recording products. Its much better with the extra surround speaker its performance is increased two time at least, that is better for me. I will recommend this product

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