Car key safety pouch
Car key safety pouch
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Car key safety pouch


Car key safety pouch.

The car key safety pouch protects your car keys more appropriately the wireless signal emanating from the solution. The security pouch stops thieves cloning your wireless signal. The bag isolates the key from the vehicle network stopping the car door from being unlocked.

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Car key safety pouch.

The car key safety pouch stops thieves from stealing the wireless security signal used to open and start your car’s engine. The fabric of the pocket has an electromagnetic blocking material which stops the radio signal penetrating through the inner film of the bag.

Typical wireless clone car theft.

There are several methods that thieves action to steal your car. One of the most common is radio key cloning from close by. The process is achieved by approaching the property and scanning the radio signal transmitting from your car key.

car key cloning diagram

The car key wireless frequency is scanned and acquired. Thieves retransmit the signal to the cars receptors gaining access into the car and starting the engine. Usually, a wireless car key needs to be relatively close to the car door to work. But technical car thieves have amplified scanners that probe the key’s wireless signal from outside the property. The car key safety pouch stops all cloning systems from scanning the frequency of the car key. Provided the car key is inside the Safety pouch.

Modern vehicles.

As you are aware, most high-end cars, usually have wireless door entry systems which also allow the car engine to start, wirelessly. This feature is excellent and provides you with comfort and luxury. But the wireless signal from the key makes the system vulnerable to thieves. Manufacturers have reduced the dynamic range of the car key signal to overt signal copying, but it is still possible to copy the sign with the right equipment. Once the signal is acquired the car door can be opened, and the engine started. Your original car key can still be in your home as your car drives off. Luxury it seems is not with our added risk.

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