GPS server support options
Server package and GPS connections.
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Server package and GPS connections.


GPS Server support & packages.

Is your GPS provider charging you too much? why not try one of our inclusive packages, or Pay as you go!

You can move between “pay as you go” and our 30 days server support packages as required. to do this select email from the option box and check out, we will then manage your Paypal subscription, and email you a Paypal link for our rolling 30 day subscription. (Click the link to set up and & cancel at any time)

If you do not want to use our rolling 30 day subscription then please select the airtime block option, the service is for 6 months and can be renewed after 6 months, or you can switch to contract at any time.



GPS Server support & package choices.

If you are a pay as you go, customer, you can step up to a fully inclusive package should you want too.
You can move between pa as you go and our 30 days server support packages as required.


We offer three options to support your GPS tracking system.

  • Gold – Server package is inclusive of costs. £25.00 per month.
    The Gold package covers the cost of server access plus sim card data and server control credits.
  • Silver – Server package “Pay as you go” £10.00 per month.
    The silver package is a “Pay As You Go” package, server access is unlimited on as many devices as you like with smartphone application and all server features.
    You pay for your own sim card data and tracking control credits are charged at 25p per credit.
  • Bronze – This server package is for hire and rental.
    The Bronze package is an all-inclusive server package available to customers who are hiring GPS systems only.

Whether you purchase your GPS tracker from us or another provider, we can support your device on our server.
If you would like to connect your GPS tracking device on our server please get in touch.

You can select packages from the options at the top of the page, and pay for server time in advance should you prefer to use the system that way. We recommend the pay as you go option with Paypal subscription. The package is very inexpensive and you can cancel at any time without incurring penalties of any kind.

Setting up a Paypal subscription ensures your GPS tracker runs smoothly on our service and Paypal takes care of the small payment each month. Cancelling your Paypal subscription is simple and fast, from inside your PayPal account.

Please feel free to ask us any questions, we recommend you use the contact page for this or ask a question link at the top of the page.


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