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Subscription & Airtime.
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Subscription & Airtime.


Payments & Paypal Subscription.

Connect your tracking device to our super-fast cloud-based server. Click the PayPal button and follow through to set up your subscription. You can cancel at any time with out any fee or charges.

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PayPal Subscription for all supported tracking products.

Tracking account payment options.

GPS tracking subscription is require for using our services, with any supported product. The usage is paid in advance: EG every month you pay the fee from your PayPal account, this gives you 30 days of connectivity.

PayPal subscription. (recommended)

PayPal subscription is set at £10.00, per month per tracking device. When you use a monthly subscription, you will be in full control of your subscription through your PayPal account. You can log into your PayPal account and cancel the subscription at any time without any penalties or notice. Obviously, if you cancel the subscription, we would cancel the server support service.

Cancelling a subscription (PayPal)

If you cancel the subscription, You can not continue using our tracking system, until you re-open the subscription or purchase a server air time block. The payment is as flexible as possible for your convenience and does not have any hidden fees or cancellation / connection penalties.

Spycraft offer a “true Pay as you go” tracking service with no hidden fees or penalties.

There are no contracts, and you are free to cancel any time. You can also re-open a new subscription should you want too? We do not charge any yearly fees, all payments are in advance or by PayPal monthly subscription, per tracker. You can connect to our service if you use any of the systems below, We do not charge a connection fee for this service.


Supported gps tracking products


Total costs & options explained.

There is no charge for track’s or positions coming into our server, the full list of costings are below, there are no further costs. Spycraft do not charge a fee, for connection a tracking device to our services, & in most cases, we offer free sim cards to new users who are switching over to our services. Usually we can configure your tracking device remotely, if that does not work? You can send your device to us for re programing, there is no charge for the service, just shipping costs.


  • Tracking “Pay as you go” the server access fee costs you £10 per month, per tracker. This fee is to access our system so you can use your tracker.

We offer a few inclusive options Gold, Silver & Bronze – please see the packages here, some options are inclusive of sim card data. (Fair user policy applies)


  • Sim card credit data: This cost is for data on the sim card inside your tracker, costs vary determined by you sim card provider.

You top up your own sim card data, this can be done in a few different ways, and how you pay for the data is up to you, and your sim card provider.


  • What do tracking control credits (Control credits command & control your tracking device from our server)

Control credits cost 0.25p GBP and can be purchased in blocks of 25 or more from our web site. Each time you command, or update your tracker report interval, it will cost you 0.25p or one control credit. If you set up & trigger a geographical fence it costs you one credit.

Typically a GL300 like all the trackers above will report & not stop, until you command them to change report time, EG send a command to instruct your tracker to report every two minuets, this will cost you 0.25p or one tracking control credit.

As you might see, typically a GL300 once commanded to send its location at five minuets intervals, will continue to do so indefinably with out you needing to use a control credit.

We run a very inexpensive tracking platform for our customers and DO NOT charge for tracks coming into the server? everything is unlimited. The full costs of our pay as you go, tracking service & system are listed above, so no hidden costs for you.

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Gold all inclusive, Silver Pay as you go, Bronze hire only


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