GL300 battery pack
GPS tracking battery back up pack
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GPS tracking battery back up pack


Long-life battery pack for our GPS tracking devices.

Ideal for most of the GL300 and 200 range GPS trackers. Ideal for classic cars, long power support with no wiring required.

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GPS tracking battery pack and magnetic case.

GPS tracking battery pack provides tracker power 4 – 6 months. Our battery pack has super strong magnets to ensure the case will stay on any metal surface you fix it too. These magnets are so strong that it’s almost impossible to pull cases apart if by accident.

In tests, the case performed as we expected very well, It was hard work pulling the tracker of the test car due to the strong magnetic connection to the chassis. The GPS tracking battery pack reduced high measurement makes the case much better for performance cars and lower to the ground vehicles. 

Fits GL100, GL200, GL300 tracking devices.

UK power lead and charger with mini USB (Plug & Play) It’s good to have a proper plug rather than a Chinese adaptor. The charging system for the battery pack is UK specification with a mini USB female to male adapter. Did you know a car gets stolen every 3 minutes in the UK, within 48 hours most vehicles have left the UK? Often exported abroad or broke down into spare parts. You have approximately 48 hours to find your vehicle before it’s gone for good? Don’t be a victim fit a GPS tracking device?

Use the pack with any small tracking device 5v DC Mini USB.

You can use this power pack and magnetic case with any tracking device that fits, and uses 5v DC though a mini USB connector. Although the case fits the GL300 and GL200 perfectly, there is no reason why you cant use other tracking products with the set. For an accurate size please make sure your tracking device is not bigger then a GL300.

You should also contact your insurance company as the most suitable insurance companies will give a discount on premiums if the vehicle has a tracking unit.

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