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Micro tracker
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Micro tracker


Track people & assets with this tiny little GPS device

Small and compact. possibly the size of two sugar cubes.

Package includes.

  • Micro tracker.
  • Charging lead.
  • Manual.
  • Sim card (Pre installed)

The Micro tracker is small & light, great for covert tracking requirements.

Tracking a person is easy with the Micro tracker, small and light, so a subject will not notice it in a coat pocket or bag. It’s tiny design makes it more covert and easy to hide. As a live tracking device you see it in real time on your app, so you will know when to switch to voice mode and listen into the local conversation audio.

The Micro tracker offers voice monitoring too, and it’s totally anonymous.

Micro in size the tracking device offers two functions selected in the tracking application, also included free of charge. GPS tracking and voice monitoring is actioned inside the application on your phone. All you pay for is the data on the sim card inside the tracker.

Tracks vehicles and assets.

The Micro tracker functions from inside the car, as it does not have a magnetic mounting feature & it’s not waterproof. The tracker is quite robust in design, so it’s best used in areas shielded from the weather. The voice monitoring function would not work if the device was fitted outside of the car.

Battery power and standby.

Power standby is good, for such a small device & the battery performance outlasts it’s older version, the G7. This latest model of Micro tracker is far better then the previous versions of the device. Considering it’s size and price, you would struggle to get anything better, offering voice and GPS tracking features.

History & Autoroute playback.

Should you want to check where the tracker location is, you open the app on your phone, click the dates and watch the device move along the mapping screen. The application is a third party system offered free with the product, set up is easy, moreover if its lost or destroyed, it won’t break the bank.

Tracking application provided free.

The Micro tracker functions through the free app, loaded on to your smartphone Android or Apple. The features in the app are surprisingly good, again considering the price of the product. The only thing you pay for is the sim card data, this is on a standard Pay as you go basis.

For a similar but batter car tracking device please view our Solo mini tracker, incredible performance with no server.

Additional information

Sim card options

Free sim, 1GB data sim, 4 GB data sim

Tech Specs

  • Positioning method: GPS + BDS + LBS + AGPS.
  • Working frequency: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz.
  • GPS chipset: MTK high sensitivity chip.
  • Location accuracy: < 10 meters CEP.
  • Time to first fix (open sky): Cold status <35s, Hot status <1s.
  • Voice activated recorder.
  • Track history playback.
  • Geo-fencing.
  • Working time: 100 hours.
  • Weight: 0.2 KG.
  • Unlocked for most networks.


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