Private investigations service
Private investigations service

Private investigations service

Need a private investigator?

Please contact us through this web site to book an informal meeting with an Investigator. All our Private Investigators are officially qualified and licensed.
We provide a gateway network, where you can directly consult with a detective to discus your requirements in confidence. Confidence is assured and guaranteed.
All official investigators have a full background in various fields and operate directly with you, after the initial contact.


Private investigations services are available to private individuals, VIP and corporate clients.

Please contact us through our web should you require any type of private investigations services, all communications are treated strictly as confidentiality and we are only networked with professional private investigators who are fully licensed.

Some general area of expertise are listed below. but we cover many different types of service outside what is listed below, so feel free to request and ask questions. In some instances we can quote you right away for a service at the standard fee.

For an informal quote please contact us here or through the main web site contact page. In most cases we will get back to you in the same working day, should your situation be urgent, please state this at the time of contact so we can priorities you.

Specialist investigations & services:

Domestic & private services.

  • Cheating Partners.
  • Divorce and Separation.
  • Partner Surveillance.
  • Security surveillance.
  • Legal consultations.
  • Missing persons.
  • Background checks.
  • Trace services
  • SOS GPS tracking.

Business VIP & Corporate services.

  • Personal Injury Claims.
  • Unauthorised Absence.
  • Employee background checks.
  • Theft and Fraud.
  • Process Serving.
  • Local Authorities.
  • TSCM & bug sweep services.
  • Technical security consultations.
  • Technical risk management.
  • CCTV security.
  • World wide GPS tracking.
  • Cyber case consultation.
  • Remote encryption recovery and prevention.

Private clients & VIP’s.

Our investigations services span world wide and you can commission a tailored solution for your requirement once you consult with out team. If you are need a local service then that’s fine too, investigative services are nation wide. As an individual, we all have reservations when it comes to explaining a private situation to somebody else. Our investigators are very experienced and have the knowledge to handle your requests in the proper way, so don’t be put off by trust issues, we are here to help.

Business & corporate clients.

As you know, you can only deal professionals, who are not only licensed? but experienced within there field, people who know the cost and damage, caused by leaking secretive information, so trust in us, you need a professional and you have come to the right place.
Should your requirement be vested within the electronic counter surveillance area, then you can book a bug sweep or similar TSCM service with investigations along side. We work very closely with our team of investigators, and they use us for electronic counter surveillance services, so you do not have to outsource to get the best services all under one roof, ensuring compatibility between the two specialist areas helps you get the job done right, faster and costs you less. To book a bug sweep please click here.