Bug sweep
Bug sweep

Bug sweep

Do you need a bug sweep service and are you aware of the options? 

  • Do you think you are you being bugged?
  • Do you need a preliminary bug sweep.
  • Do you know there are alternatives to a bugsweep.
  • Is your security right, to deal with modern threats?
  • Electronic counter-surveillance with experience
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Bug Sweep, common terminology used to describe a process of searching for modern bugging devices and low-tech electronic threats.

We are experienced bug sweep specialists and have been providing electronic counter surveillance services since 1998. There has been a big change in the market since then, needless to say, a bug sweeping service is now very much more technical than it used to be. New Ingenious surveillance devices appear on the world market all the time. There has never been so many options for extracting secretive information or data. It is so inexpensive to purchase a bugging device. Many electronic bug’s are very inexpensive, and readily available to any one who would like to purchase one.

To successfully search for a modern bugging device, you need to understand exactly what’s required?. Experience and processes is as fundamental as the equipment selected for the task. So many wood be providers of the service, have little knowledge of the task. Fees & charges range from a few hundred pounds, to many thousands of pounds, well bug sweeping is a business now right?

Are you worried about talking to somebody about your security situation.

Corporate and VIP clients always need to consider reputation when approaching a security company. Spycraft offer you a discreet & professional service,  you are dealing with an experienced company, & your privacy is assured. There is no risk surrounding your information leaking to the wrong organisation’s. we are more then happy to sign any NDA should you prefer. Get in touch for an informal conversation, we are a private company run by real professionals, your information is safe and no information will ever be shared or published. In recent years we have handled many different types of electronic threats, from Cyber extortion to Sextortion, some of the latest trends?

We have work closely with TV personalities and sports personalities, we also provide services to regular people. Unfortunately we can not display a client portfolio.

TSCM and Bug sweep services can be backed up by our in house private detectives if required. We also consult with you about future operating practices, to ensure your private life remain yours.

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