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Semenspy CSI deluxe, the ultimate forensic infidelity testing set with UV lamp

Semenspy CSI deluxe, the ultimate forensic infidelity testing set with UV lamp


Semenspy CSI deluxe forensic detection Kit.

The SemenSpy home forensic testing kit is ideal for catching a cheating spouse.
The Semen spy detection kit has everything you need to locate and identify semen stains left on undergarments and sheets. The semen spy forensic test will verify traces of semen and is ideal for child protection and investigation as well as love cheater investigations.

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Semen Spy CSI deluxe, a professional infidelity testing set with an ultraviolet lamp, for forensic investigations, will detect the presence of semen.

This Semenspy Delux test is the best forensic semen detection system in the world for home use. There is no better system for locating and identifying semen stains left on bedsheets, clothing, or surfaces. The Semen spy forensic set makes the detection of semen fast and effective. The ultraviolet lamp helps to highlight colours stains may be missed with the naked eye. The test is 100 % accurate, whether its to catch a cheating spouse or protect a child. Semenspy is the best home detection kit on the market for confirming the presence of semen.

Law enforcement detectives initially developed Semenspy.

Semenspy CSI Forensic kits present you with an easy way to reveal sexual infidelity, underage sex, and possible child molestation. As you might see, the set works for many tasks outside the catching out a love cheat.

Semen spy helps clarify what you already knew.

Seam spy will give you the peace of mind that you deserve. Unlike an Acid Phosphatase (AP) test, the Semen spy PSA based test will only read positive if the presence of semen is there. This Semenspy CSI forensic set has recorded to detect the presence of semen on stained materials up to an incredible 30 years old. The Semen spy system will detect semen that is produced by the male prostate gland using the most accurate method available on the market today: PSA.

What is the Semen Spy detection kit?

The Semenspy detection kit is easy to use a revolutionary way to reveal sexual infidelity by detecting traces of seminal fluids. These types of fluids are left behind on items such as undergarments, bed sheets, clothing, and other surfaces.

What if the material is white and I can’t see a stain?

Our deluxe edition includes our the UV Light that aids to uncover and identify completely invisible traces of semen that may be in the fibres of the suspected material.

Will the test stain or damage the articles during the test?

The SemenSpy will not stain any article tested regardless of the method chosen. The Semen spy is very passive during the process of forensic analysis. The system will not destroy or damage any clothing or material regardless of its type or colour.

Is this an accurate test?

SemenSPY is exceptionally accurate and effective. If any traces of semen are present in the area you decide to test, semen spy will detect it.      

Pack contents.

  • Pair of universal non-latex gloves.
  • 2 testing methods included.
  • 2 sealed PSA cartridges, desiccants and pipettes.
  • Alcohol wipe.
  • 2 Transfer pipettes.
  • 2 clear micro tubes.


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