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Android phone forensic
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Android phone forensic


Paraben’s Android Forensic recovery – USB stick.

The ideal forensic device for extracting information from an Android phone.
Find hidden images and messages as well as deleted content from inside the phone.

Very easy to use and understand – plug it into your windows computer and run the software to reveal all the hidden data.

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Android forensic phone recovery tool.

The forensic phone recovery tool will allow you to recover all types of deleted private information from an Android phone. Most Samsung phones will work with the device. This forensic product is top-rated among private investigators.

Forensic phone recovery tool for android mobile phones will recover deleted data.

Android operating system.

The phone recovery tool is for Android phones like Samsung smartphones. If you need to run a forensic tool on an Apple iPhone, then please see our IOS recovery stick here.

Data recovery.

Text messages, SMS messages, contacts, call history, GPS locations, photos, calendar entries, SD/Micro-SD card data – can be restored and reviewed with the Phone Recovery Stick for Android.

It’s almost impossible to know what you are going to get out of a phone until you connect it to the recovery stick.

Easy to use.

The Phone Recovery Stick for Android is simple to use. Connect the device and the Android Recovery Stick to the same computer and click the start icon. The android program will scan the phone and show you the content retrieved on the software interface.

Simple no-fuss diagnostics bring you the stored content on the phone. the forensic stick retrieves deleted data that’s deep in the corners of the operating system


The software does the rest and even generates easy to read reports of the data contained on the phone as well as deleted data. Since the software included on the device, the Phone Recovery Stick for Android is entirely portable for any computer.

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