The Semen spy CSI deluxe infidelity forensic kit with UV lamp

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Semen SPY CSI deluxe is a home forensic testing kit - It is ideal for catching out cheating spouses. The Semenspy detection kit has everything you need to locate and identify semen stains left on undergarments and sheets. The semen spy forensic test kit can be used to verify traces of semen for Child protection and investigation.

Semen spy CSI deluxe forensic detection Kit

This kit has everything you need to locate and identify semen stains left on undergarments, bed sheets, clothing or other surfaces.

Developed by a prior law enforcement detective, SemenSPY® CSI Forensic Home Edition semen detection kits are an easy way to reveal sexual infidelity, under age sex, and possible child molestation.  SemenSPY® gives you the peace of mind that you deserve. Unlike the presumptive Acid Phosphatase (AP) test, the SemenSPY® PSA based test will only read positive if the presence of semen is found.

This testing process has been noted to detect the presence of semen on stained materials up to 30 years old.
The PSA process is similar to very expensive accredited labs at a fraction of the cost while conducted in the privacy of your home or office.

What is the SemenSPY® Semen Detection Kit?
The SemenSPY® Semen Detection Kit is an easy to use revolutionary way to reveal sexual infidelity by detecting traces of seminal fluids that are left behind on items such as undergarments, bed sheets, clothing, upholstery or other surfaces.

How does it work?
The SemenSPY® Semen Detection Kit is designed to detect semen that is produced by the male prostate gland using the most accurate method available on the market today: PSA.

What if the material is white and I can't see a stain?
Our Deluxe Edition includes our SemenSPY® UV Light that aids to uncover and identify even completely invisible traces of semen that may be locked into the fibres of the suspected article/s.

SemenSPY® works on any type or colour of material.
What if there is a stain and I am not sure if it is semen? Our SemenSPY® Semen Detection Kit was designed to only test positive for the presence of semen. All other bodily fluids will test negative.
Our SemenSPY® UV Light will pick up traces of many bodily fluids and was designed as an aid to assist in finding bodily fluids that may be invisible to the naked eye. (Deluxe Edition Only)

Will the test stain or damage the articles being tested?
No, the test will not stain any article/s being tested regardless of the method chosen. There are two testing methods that can be conducted during the process. The destructive method will cause damage whereas the non-destructive method will not.

Is this an accurate test?
SemenSPY® is extremely accurate and effective. If any traces of semen are present on the area you decide to test, SemenSPY® Semen Detection Test will detect it.

Can I test any article for semen on a seat in a car or a sofa? YES. SemenSPY® was designed specifically for the home user and does not stain any article being tested. Semen traces can be anywhere.

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