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Wall clock safe with hidden compartment.

Introducing the security storage wall clock safe a perfect blend of functionality and discretion. This stylish wall clock not only tells time but also provides you with a hidden storage solution for your valuable belongings and keys. This wall clock is designed to seamlessly blend into any home or office décor. Made with a view to be inconspicuous, so avoiding detection at a glance.

Hidden storage compartment.

The storage compartment is behind the clock face, ingeniously camouflaged, ensuring that prying eyes won’t suspect that the clock is anything more than standard. Simply remove the clock face and reveal a spacious interior that can store your cash, jewellery, important documents, and even spare keys.

wall clock hidden compartment

Whether used in your living room, office, or bedroom, this secret hidden wall clock will blend seamlessly with any decor style. Its functional and elegant design allows it to act as both a practical timepiece and a discrete storage solution.

Wall clock operation.

The compartment is secured with a robust locking mechanism, offering peace of mind that your valuables are safely stored. The lock can be easily accessed with the provided key, ensuring hassle-free usage while maintaining optimal security. The wall clock safe operates smoothly without any distracting ticking sounds. It also features clearly visible numerical markings and hands for easy time reading, making it both functional and practical.

Choice of clock design to fit the decor in any room.

Whether it’s your living room, bedroom, or office, this security safe storage wall clock discreetly safeguards your valuables while conveniently displaying the current time. Say goodbye to the days of hiding your prized possessions while keeping them within arm’s reach.

To access the hidden compartment, simply twist the clock face counterclockwise. The seamless mechanism allows for easy opening, revealing a spacious storage space within. The hidden compartment is ideal for storing small, valuable items such as jewelry, cash, or important documents.

open clock

Our wall clock safe is great for hiding a spare car key.

Invest in the security safe storage wall clock today and enjoy the perfect combination of aesthetics and security. Protect your valuables with style and keep them hidden from prying eyes. The wall clock safe is ideal for so many applications, whether it be security at home, or a safe storage place at your holiday house or caravan. The wall clock provides you with a great way to hide a door key or back up cell phone in place sight?



Tech Specs

  • Size approximately: Radius 20cm  x  Depth 7cm 
  • Colours: Brown classic design or Silver & white face.

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wall clock safe


Wall clock safe
wall clock safe