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Solar powered WIFI camera delivers HD video & night vision.

The solar powered WIFI camera, the ultimate CCTV camera. Powered by daylight, & the sun. Connected to you Wi-Fi network, without any need for a power supply. Batteries charge through the day, so the camera works at night.

Effective night vision distance 20 meters.

Excellent for monitoring remotely over the internet from your smartphone, get instant notifications. Your smartphone instantly shows notification as soon as movement is detected. The camera sends movement alerts night & day, switching to night mode automatically as the daylight fades.

Incredible resolution, so you get true HD 1080p video imaging, crystal clear video. Compatible with iPhone and Android phones, fully weatherproof with ip66 waterproof rating ideal for all outdoor applications.

Solar powered WIFI camera day & night performance.

Solar powered with by one day’s sunshine, the batteries keep the camera operational for several days. Unparalleled battery performance with 4 integrated rechargeable batteries, internally wired  to the solar panel.

solar powered wifi camera specifications

Everything you need from a camera.

  • Weatherfroof.
  • Wi-Fi connected. (No cables to run)
  • Solar powered with batteries.
  • High definition video
  • Live view over iP.
  • Movement notification.
  • Auto Night vision.
  • SD card video storage.

Solar powered WIFI camera ultra low power.

Intelligent energy saving function combined with solar charging, supports the cameras power throughout the year. Very practical and maintenance free, environmentally friendly.

High-definition 1080P image quality.

The camera offers high definition resolution at 1080P image quality, to watch live and record high definition video.  Clear monitoring detail makes it easy to set the camera up and connect to your WIFI router.

Put the camera anywhere around your property, no power supply or cables required. access Instant video and audio streams anytime through your smartphone world wide.

IP66 waterproof performance.

As an outdoor camera bad weather & rain do not present a problem. Shielded from the elements the enclosure protects the internal electronics from the elements. A down sloped solar panel allows the rain or snow to drain off.

The system records snapshots and video, so you can review history at any time. Motion events are stored as alerts are sent to your smartphone.

The ultimate remote camera.

If you are looking for a stable camera that is maintenance free, then this camera is ideal. Moreover you could easily fit it to a holiday apartment or home. Or any other hard to reach location, with out the need to run any power leads or cables.

Possibly the most convenient CCTV camera that will work for a multitude of applications. If your location does not have WI-FI or internet router, you can use our pay as you go modem and connect the WIFI camera. You can use any modem wired or GSM wireless, as long as you can connect to a WIFI network.

Best recomendation for fitting.

The solar powered wifi camera is one of the best on the market that’s compact with a solar panel, however low sunlight can affect the performance of the camera during winter months. Provided you mount the camera in a location that receives good levels of sunlight, the camera will work fine. The camera is fully water resistant and won’t be affected by heat from the sun. The solar camera is designed for heat dissipation so be sure to mount the camera in a location on your property that receives lots of sunlight.


  • WIFI camera.
  • Mounting brackets.
  • Instructions.
  • Free smartphone application.

Please click here for a basic WI-FI camera.

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Spycraft UK, Wanscam

Tech Specs

    • Induction principle HMD(Human Motion on methods)
    • Main chip: Hi3518CV200 ARM926@800MHzHi3516CV300 ARM926@800MHz
    • Sensors: IMX323 2 million 1/2.9 “CMOS Sensors
    • Effective pixels: 2 million
    • Resolution: 1920*1080
    • Focal length: 4mm
    • Shooting distance: 0-15 meters
    • Shooting angle: about 70 degrees
    • Response time: 1 second
    • Battery x 4 (Included)
    • Battery capacity: 4000mAh (2000mAh*2)
    • Solar panel power: 2.2 W
    • Maximum charging current: 400 mA
    • Night shooting: white light (supplementary light) and infrared manual switching
    • White light power: 2W LED
    • Infrared power: 2W
    • Storage capacity: maximum support 64G
    • Induction range: 0-10m
    • Induction angle: 120
    • Working Temperature: – 10 ~60℃
    • Working humidity: 0% – 90% RH
    • Standby power consumption: 0.0025~0.03W
    • Power supply: photoelectric dual-purpose, solar + built-in lithium battery power supply
    • Film power consumption: daytime < 1.5W, night < 3.5W; daytime < 2W, night < 4W
    • Waterproof grade: IP67
    • Size: 20.0*9.5*9.5*9.5cm/
    • Package Weight: 1252g/44.2oz

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Rebeca P.

Been looking around to get a system and it gets so confusing so I am really happy I got this one as it’s So easy to fit and also very convenient to be able to check with the app!! I would definitely recommend! Good value too.


Very good this one and works top

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