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Professional CCTV camera system 5 megapixel .

Sometimes you need a high-quality professional CCTV camera system with the best resolution. Our Professional CCTV camera has 5-megapixel imagery that is capable of producing real high definition video. Unlike many other CCTV sets offering 5-megapixel performance but not in true HD.

Opting for our Professional CCTV camera system gives you 5.0 megapixel camera systems will ensure you have crystal clear imaging. Should you need to see details and produce clear images for proof in the event of a robbery. Our professional camera system provides you with just that.

The complete professional CCTV camera

The set comprises of 4 High-resolution cameras at 5 megapixels each and the accompanying four-channel DVR capable of handling high 5-megapixel video with all the leads and connections already assembled.

Alternative pour performance CCTV.

Unlike some wireless system which can also be quite clear at 2MP, this wired CCTC system connects through BNC cable with a power line. Each camera plugs into a lead, and the relevant threads need to wire back to the DVR.

The cables supplied are 60 feet long, each line has a connector on each end, plug and play. The DVR control unit will plug directly into your wireless router by the RJ45 network lead.

Wired CCTV.

The CCTV DVR can be situated anywhere provided the camera leads can be plugged into the DVR. Then your router can connect to the DVR with the RJ45 network lead giving you a choice to either place the DVR next to your router or run an RJ45 network lead from your router to the location of the DVR.

Plug into your router for internet functions, like remote viewing over the web or from your smartphone. You will not need to purchase anything extra unless your installation requires further fitting or extensions of leads etc.

You can extend signal cables with standard BNC joining connectors that are available from any good store or online if needed.

This high-resolution CCTV system can work fine as a standalone recording system without an internet connection as there is a hard drive in the DVR recording all the camera footage in real-time. However, if you want to be able to view through the cameras remotely and get instant notifications on movement, then you will need to plug into an internet router.


  • 4 cameras.
  • Power and data leads for cameras.
  • DVR and power leads.
  • Hard drive (SATA)
  • Mouse.

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5 mega pixel wired cctv system


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Professional wired CCTV camera set 5 Megapixel
5 mega pixel wired cctv system

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