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Cave intruder alarm smart home security for any premises.

cave intruder alarm smart home security

All you need is your wireless router password and your smartphone.

The Cave intruder alarm is so easy to install, you will be astonished. You can install this product, your self, no tools are required.

The cave intruder alarm is state of the art in every way, stylish and efficient. The system offers you a new concept in smart home security. Cave is a professional burglar alarm with smart home integration that’s wireless.

All the sensors and accessories are connected through Wi-Fi and their slick design will not look out of place in any room. The system offers so many different accessories, making the alarm system ideal for the home or business premises.

Do it your self, sounds daunting right?

Cave network is so easy you will wonder what all the fuss was about.

Building your Cave intruder alarm is so easy, load the free smartphone application from Google Play or Apple store. Connect the sensors by scanning the Qr bar code with your phone’s camera. Now all you have to do is fix the sensors into place. All the accessories have adhesive strips, so no drilling wholes unless you want to.

Why pay extortionate fitting fees when you can do it your self. All the parts in the Cave security system connect remotely through the smartphone application. 

If you would prefer us to install the system for you, then please contact us, click here for a quote. We offer a professional installation service with London and Greater London. 

Say goodbye to bad power standby.

Cave intruder alarm accessories list

The Cave PIR sensors do more than just looking good. One small internal disk battery delivers a colossal support time, from 12 to 18 months subjective on movement triggering. That’s still three or four time longer than many competitor products. 

The door and window sensors offer the same standby performance, no need to change batteries every few months. It’s great to have wireless systems in the home, but only if the batteries don’t need changing every five minutes? The Cave intruder alarm gives you freedom from frequent servicing and the vast array of accessories complements the whole system.

Cave external siren looks to deter a burglar.

Cave outside siren

The cave siren delivers an alarm sound at 115dB.

The bell has a bright blue LED for visual notifications and provides an overt deterrent against a break-in. There’s nothing worst than having a fake alarm bell on the wall of your home. Thieves are good at spotting a phony alarm bell, or question a cheap one.

The design of the outside siren is perfect, like the performance. There is no mistaking the presence of the Cave advanced intruder alarm bell.

Cave Intruder alarm intelligent with remote control accessories.

Smart Cave app notifications inform you as soon as there is an alarm. The free Cave smartphone application supports full control of your Cave smart home network. The app can arm and disarm the alarm system, so control is made easy for you. You can either set the alarm by using the remote control or control your cave intruder alarm from the free application on your phone.

Optional cameras and smart LED bulbs can also be added to the system, turning your home into a smart home. Has cave thought of everything? probably. Your Cave application even confirms alarm activation, as you press the remote control, very handy to confirm the alarm is on.

Cave Wi-Fi camera when you want to take a look.

Cave camera and smart camera

Cave Wi-Fi camera looks modern and has excellent build quality as you would expect from the Cave range of accessories. It connects seamlessly to the smart Cave hub and your phone, view live streaming video any time.

This system rivals any intruder alarm for functionality and design, and it beets many across different aspects. Simple installation is great, with the free Cave smart application. Why not make your home a smart home with Cave? Add a multi-colored lightbulb, control the lights, set the lighting colour from your phone.

Cave Intruder alarm Professional & stable.

The Cave intruder alarm is a recommended product and gives you everything you need for home protection. With the ability to add multiple switches and sensors as required. Cave alarm is outstanding and superior on battery performance. It offers smart home functionality, so it can be so much more then just an intruder alarm.

This advert is for our cave Intruder alarm Lux package, much more then a starter pack. What you get in our Cave Lux package. 

  • 1 x Cave smart hub.
  • 1 x Cave exterior siren.
  • 2 x Cave Door or Window contacts.
  • 2 x Cave PIR sensors. (Pet friendly).
  • 1 x Wi-Fi bulb. (Multi Colour change with app).
  • 1 x Cave remote controls.
  • All batteries included. (Genuine Cave batteries)
  • Cave smartphone application (No monthly charges).

Beware of adverts offering you the full Cave alarm for a low price. Are your purchasing the starter kit with no exterior siren & limited accessories. Spycraft offers you the complete Cave alarm set, including the outside siren. Get smart, get Cave smart home security now.

The Cave smart hub is remote control and sensors, and it plugs directly into your wireless router. Cave hub also connects wirelessly over your Wi-Fi. Now all you have to do is load the free control application on your phone, and you’re ready to use your Cave intruder alarm as well as operate your new smart home accessories.

Apple and Google download

Download the app from Google Play and Apple store.

Official Veho Cave stockiest, buy with confidence.

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Add Cave accessories

No further accessories, PIR sensor, Door / Window contact, WIFI camera, Coloured WIFI bulb, Remote control


Spycraft UK, Veho Cave

Tech Specs

  • Frequency 528MHz.
  • Memory 512 MB LV DDR3.
  • Flash 4GB eMMC.
  • Wireless Range 433.92MHz.
  • RF Distance 200m without obstacle.
  • Wi-Fi 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n, range 50m
  • Mobile GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, for global GSM carriers.
  • Battery 2200mAh Rechargeable Lithium.
  • Standby Time8 hours.
  • Build-in Siren100dB, can be muted by App.
  • Power In DC 5V2A.
  • App iOS & Android.
  • Max Accessories 99.
  • Working Temp0℃ – 60℃

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Cave intruder alarm starter kit


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Cave intruder alarm for smart home security.
Cave intruder alarm starter kit

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