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The perfect hidden key stash.

The secret rock stash provides you with safe key storage for the home, caravan or business premises. The rock blends in with various items found outside, so no one would assume that it was actually a secret storage box for a door key.

Secret rock stash saves money.

There’s nothing worse than paying expensive repair bills for a window you had to break to get into your own house. The secret rock stash is always there offering you a spare key to regain access, should you get locked out or lose a key.

secret rock stash

Hiding a key outside is a good idea but only if its hidden well, the rock is ideal for stashing anything.

How to use the secret rock stash.

The secret rock is easy to use and its rain proof. The bottom of the rock has a sliding back, you remove the back to reveal a hidden storage area inside the hollowed out rock. Put a key inside the rock and slide the back back on, that’s it you’re done. It’s recommend to hide or placing the rock in a garden or amongst other loose pebbles etc.

Best budget secret key safe.

Whether you’re on a budget or not, the rock stash provides you with the ultimate hidden key safe. You have to store a key outside of the premises to be able to benefit from being able to regain access with a spare key. It’s a very low cost way of ensuring you will always have a key available should the worst happen.

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secret rock stash for key storage


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Secret rock stash key safe
secret rock stash for key storage

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