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Car tracker

Tracking a car with GPS.

Tracking a car with a GPS tracker is easy, if you use a dedicated car tracker. When it’s car or vehicle monitoring, you have to use a dedicated car tracker. Many GPS devices will work, but a dedicated tracker offers easy operation without data errors.

Dedicated car GPS must haves?

The device must work in demanding scenarios, to connect to the GPS network from inside the car. Many tracking devices do not work well to connect under extreme circumstances. A GPS antenna will not deliver accurate positioning if metal is in front of it.

The device must be weatherproof, & provide power for a decent amount of time. If not, then you may need to wire the device into the vehicle, and thats not ideal.

Why should I use a dedicated car tracker?

A dedicated car tracker is ready for the task, high quality GPS antennas connect to the GPS network fast. Battery power supports the device for up to 20 days, so you won’t have to go back to the vehicle to recharge the device.

  • USB power ports enable fast charging and plug into any 12v power port, wiring in is easy?
  • Our battery packs offer up to 4 months battery power without wiring into the vehicle.
  • Enclosures are magnetic & weatherproof so your tracking device will not get damaged.
  • Server support offeres quick mapping access on your mobile phone, & any connected device.
  • No software instalation is nessesary and no technical skills required.
  • Our server systems take care of all the technical requirements so you can track right away.

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