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A bug detector is a focused counter surveillance scanner dedicated to finding electronic transmitters or spy bugs.

Are you purchasing the right bug detector for the task?

How do you work out what bug detector you should use, if your an amateur, hoping to detect an electronic bugging device? The truth is many modern bugging devices use the mobile phone highways for sending data and information. More than fifty percent of bug detectors on the market are not capable of scanning GSM phone transmissions. For example, you would not detect signals from your mobile phone, with a basic bug detector.

Make sure you get the right bug detector.

Purchasing a basic bug detector should not be rocket science, but there are so many on offer, so how do you decide? If you are experienced, then its not a challenge, but if your a beginner then you need to understand what your trying to do? If you need to scan for GSM based signals, you should use a comprehensive scanner. Many bug detectors will not cover all the mobile phone frequencies required. Most of our bug detectors suit both amateurs and security professionals. You might be surprised how effective you may be, if you use the right counter surveillance product.

Price range ultimately effects capability.

We aim to supply our detectors at the fairest prices possible, so that security and peace of mind is available to everyone. Spycraft offer the best, and most user friendly systems available online. Both beginners and seasoned professionals alike, will find a detector that suits. Some detectors perform an advanced analysis of any radio frequency environment, to search out electronic bugging devices rapidly, and other bug detectors offer signal logging. Obviously the price varies quite dramatically.

Scanning equipment & capability.

If you need to scan an area, for a bug or spy camera, you may get confused, if you do not know what bug detector is best for the job. Sometimes you need to know the capability of a detector, or scanning will be pointless, so talk to us first, and make sure you get the right equipment for the task.

Professional bug detector WAM-108t.

Our bug detectors range from “pens” that cost less than £30 to the WAM-108t that costs a lot more, the WAM-108t scans eight RF bands, simultaneously, from up to 50 meters away. The real time log shows you “event” spikes making it ideal for finding all transmitters & GPS trackers. The logger also stores the information it collects in the devices memory, for downloaded onto a computer.

A beginners entry level bug detector can be effective.

Some of our low cost bug detectors offer great frequency range and will get the job done for you. You might not need to spend lots of money depending on what your trying to do? Please get in touch should you like to ask a question before you purchase.