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Spy detectors actively scan many different types of spy equipment, but a bug detector is primarily focused on detecting radio frequencies emitted by electronic bugging devices.

A spy detector is an electronic counter surveillance device, capable of scanning a variety of electronic surveillance systems. Safe to say, a spy detector works in a similar way to a bug detector, both offer the ability to reveal hidden spy electronics. Some spy detectors are capable of locating dormant spy devices that do not transmit a live signal, like a covert wired spy camera. A bug detector is focused to specifically scan radio signals, propagated by electronic radio transmitters. You must select the right one, for your task. You will not find a spy camera that does not transmit an RF signal, with a bug detector?

A spy detector is essential for any bug sweep operative.

Old counter surveillance techniques are still desirable, so different products for different tasks? But what if you could have a bug detector that is so comprehensive, it would effectively be a radio scanner as well. There are one or two bug detectors that do just that. Have a look at our bug detection devices and view the WAM-108t as well as the PRO-W10GX.

Spy detectors & your knowledgebase.

Your knowledge base is a pivotal thing to consider when buying a spy detector. First, ask yourself if you have the technical skills required to use an advanced device before you purchase it. As you might imagine, there are hundreds of spy detectors available, So it’s important to explore your skill set before you purchase one. Let us guide you to the best product that suits your knowledge base, ensuring you will be able to use it, before you purchase.

Equipment choices.

Spycraft has a selection of spy detectors for both professionals and amateurs. We have detailed knowledge of the equipment we supply, so we understand the technicalities presented to a beginner as well as a necessity required by a professional. many clients opt to buy a product that is beyond their practical understanding? Contact us first, and let us guide you to a detector that’s right for your task and knowledge base.

Price guide versus performance.

The most expensive electronics do not necessarily offer the best functions for a specific scenario. EG: Trying to detect a GPS tracker, is simplified if your detection device has logging capability. You can indeed detect a signal with any advanced spy detector, but driving while operating a system is tricky. Using a mobile signal analyser with a logging system simplifies the task & makes sweeping for GPS trackers much safer.

Did you know? Some low cost spy camera scanners are very effective & quite well made.

Personal relationships with manufacturers ensure we have original equipment created at source. Rather than cheap copy products found online. One of the first things you need to eliminate when purchasing a spy detector is reliability. Make sure you buy a genuine calibrated product that’s new, as second-hand products can not be trusted. Imagine you’re conducting a scientific test, you will need to know that the equipment you’re using is calibrated, and set up correctly before you start.