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Cave Intruder alarm for your home or business should be a priority, don’t wait until it’s too late?

Fitting a good value intruder alarm for your home or businesses could save you a fortune. Have you fitted a burglar alarm yet? or will you wait until it’s too late? Did you know modern intruder alarms are very easy to fit, especially wireless kits?

Years ago, it was a real job to install a simple intruder alarm, but modern technology has triumphed again. You can now get great low-cost solutions for the home or small business without breaking the bank.


We can install the wireless intruder alarms, and our doorbell CCTV entry systems for you or you can do it yourself. With simple instructions and fitting kits included with all products.

We have carefully put together products that allow you to install with no experience required. Most of the products have a remote notification on events letting get instant alerts as soon as there is a break in or trigger.

Some products alert as soon as somebody approaches the camera ideal as you can talk through the intercom and quiz strangers during a possible robbery or break-in. Your smartphone will ring or open up and show you any movement picked up from our advanced doorbell, and you will be able to take through the system to anyone on the other side of the door and communicate with them through your mobile phone.

Our intruder alarms come with GSM notification so any trigger of the alarm PIR or door switch will ring your phone and tell you in an instant that the signal has triggered.

Don’t spend a fortune on an intruder alarm. You can do it yourself and have a sound system, for substantially less money.