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Tracking subscriptions & payments.

Setting up a tracking subscription payment couldn’t be easier. We use PayPal subscriptions for payment as well as group payments. For server payment, you can create and send us your details for a PayPal subscription. So you can manage any aspect of your tracking unit or service package.

GPS cloud server.

The new GPS cloud service is excellent in most of the problematic areas surrounding GPS tracking. The server needs to be stable and able to support a volume capacity. If you have a lot of users, the server needs to be able to accommodate every at the same time. Using tracking subscriptions enables us to keep control over who has access to the system and who does not. As a paying customer tracking subscriptions ensure that you, get an uninterrupted service.

Tracking subscriptions.

As many of you may already use GPS tracking systems, you will know only too well that GPS tracking is not fine art? Making a few simple changes to the framework of our new cloud-based server and system offers so much more flexibility for our clients. All our tracking systems now operate in a global capacity eliminating issues that restrict tracking outside the UK.