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Spy tracking, personal GPS security device alerts others if you’re in trouble?

Our GPS spy tracking device offers you a personal security system, like the type usually associated with close protection specialists. Most of our GPS tracking devices work worldwide, connected to our comprehensive service package. The tracking system is easy to use and understand. Moreover, you will have a tracking device that is suitable for any global tracking application, whether its to follow a car or person.

SOS ready, with a dedicated panic button.

In the event of difficulty, the user presses the dedicated SOS button. A notification Immediately alerts the listed recipient by email or SMS. The tracking device will instantly switch into SOS tracking mode. The auto-tracking feature updates the mapping server in your private account for members to see.

Ultimate network data speed, so no delays.

Imagine, a tracker that works as quickly as your phone, fast with the 3G speedy operation to ensure performance. The GPS asset tracking device is compact, and self-contained, allowing anyone to carry the equipment, and instantly alert others in an emergency.

Browser software, for straightforward loading.

All our tracking systems have a browser-based mapping platform, so you do not need to load any software. Your dedicated receivers of the panic alert will get a clickable notification. Thus following it and monitoring exactly where you are but with the knowledge that you are in trouble.

Active geographical fencing.

All of our tracking systems work worldwide as long as there is an internet connection. The GPS device will report its geographical position to your private server mapping account automatically. The GL300w 3G GPS asset tracking devices are straightforward to use and affordable. It’s so easy to track or monitor anything anywhere in the world in real-time with our tracking devices and server packages.