GPS accessories

GPS accessories & extended battery packs.

Most of our GPS accessories fit the Queclink tracking devices, such as GL200, 300, 300w etc. Power accessories are plug and play with micro and mini, USB connections at 5v DC.

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GPS accessories.

We have GPS accessories for our GPS trackers. The magnetic cases are designed specifically for our tracking product range. Extended battery packs plug directly into the tracking units to power it for months at a time. All our battery packs have UK specification wall chargers.

Leads and connectors.

We can supply power leads enabling you to wire your device into the vehicle permanently. Or you can use a standard power lead with a micro USB port on each end of the charging point.

USB power ports.

All power connectors and supplies fit our GPS systems. Products have the correct voltage for your car or vehicle. Most of our standard accessories come with simple plug and use options. Standard USB ports at 5vDC and power converters down from 12vDC or 24vDC. We also have a specialised extended battery pack for the GL300, GL200, and GL300W. The magnetic cases have multiple magnets rather than the old single giant magnet.