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Our car tracker with GPS server, gives you global network coverage, allowing you to follow any car or vehicle worldwide from any internet-connected device.

Our unique car tracker with covert magnetic carcase ensures GPS receptivity from under the chassis. So you have two options offering flexibility on deployment. A user, with the tracker in plane site, has access to the panic button in case of emergency. Or the tracker, in the magnetic carcase mounts under the chassis, for covert tracking. This car tracker is so adaptable it tracks from inside the interior of the car.

Don’t be a victim; fit a cart tracker for security.

Did you know In the UK Vehicles without a GPS car tracker get stolen every 3 minutes? Within 48 hours most stolen vehicles have left the UK often exported abroad or broke down into spare parts. There are approximately 48 hours to find your vehicle before it’s gone for good. Imagine, you see your car as its driving so that you can inform the police or follow it your self. The GPS car tracker offers instant notifications to your phone once the vehicle moves. You might also want to contact your insurance company too as most suitable insurance companies provide a discount of 10 or 20% off premiums if the vehicle has a tracking device fitted. Discounts usually apply to GPS tracking devices, whether they are approved, or not.

GPS magnetic tracker.

The GPS car tracker and the covert magnetic case works together seamlessly. Utilising a Pay as you go sim card offers comprehensive support worldwide. The hidden case option gives you secret car tracking without any contract risk, should the tracker become lost. This car tracking package is ideal for security on any vehicle.

Automated tracking.

Locations automatically update on your tracking device and server account. The car tracker, with a choice of three maps, quickly shows you the location live, with history. You adjust tracking behaviours, on-demand through the mapping account. Moreover, you command the tracking device from your mobile phone, changing all the aspects of the tracking system, as required.