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GPS tracking systems are usually smart but not quite artificially intelligent, so our tracking systems have full server support.

World wide connectivity.

People deploy GPS tracking systems for logistics efficiency and security services. GPS tracking is more popular among the public because people like to look after their vehicles and their loved ones. Since the advent of more efficient GPS car tracking devices in 2006, GPS systems will work on the undersides of a car’s chassis. Tracking devices no longer need bulky and visible antennae to stay connected to the network.

Our GPS trackers have one free month of free network access.

All our GPS tracking systems have one month of access to our private server. The SIM card inside the tracking device is live with credit and already topped up. If you need more time on the server, then you prepay or arrange a recurring payment with us. Block payment is available for three to six months in advance, so you can carry on using the system.

GPS tracker monitoring.

You’ll have total control of your tracking device. You have access to four maps, including Street View and a customised PDA map from then on. All the technical side is taken care of by us. You adjusted your GPS tracking device through your mapping account online. A few simple clicks and you change the way your tracking device behaves making cost-effective choices in real-time.

You can connect bought elsewhere.

All the GPS tracking systems you see on our website connect to our server whether you bought it from us or not. If you have a tracking device and the original provider has let you down. Or daily running is too expensive. Try switching to us, if you see your GPS tracking device on our web site then call us to connect it. There’s every chance that we can host your tracker on our system very cheaply for less than £10 per month.

Most providers charge you for tracking locations coming into the server amoungst other fees. With our packages, you get a choice to “Pay as you go” or go all-inclusive everything is included and unlimited for a standard monthly fee.